Top 8 Vines with Red Berries to Enhance Your Landscape

Boost your home’s curb appeal by growing these stunning Vines with Red Berries. These are perfect for creating eye-catching garden spots!

These vines with red berries can be used for creating natural fences, adding vertical interest, or as a decorative element in the garden.

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Vines with Red Berries

1. Bitter Nightshade

Vines with Red Berries 1

Botanical Name – Solanum dulcamara

Bitter nightshade is a perennial vine with red berries and purple blooms. This nightshade family member is highly toxic to humans, cats, dogs, and horses.

2. Trumpet Honeysuckle

Vines with Red Berries 2

Botanical Name – Lonicera sempervirens

Native to the southeastern U.S., trumpet honeysuckle belongs to the Caprifoliaceae family. It produces tiny, inedible red berries from late summer to early fall.

3. Oriental Bittersweet Vine

Oriental Bittersweet Vine
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Botanical Name – Celastrus orbiculatus

Oriental bittersweet is an aggressive woody vine with clusters of red berries and green leaves that become yellowish in fall. It’s a frequent sight along forest edges, roadsides, and fields.

4. Carolina Moonseed

Carolina Moonseed

Botanical Name – Cocculus carolinus

Adorned with tiny red berries and greenish-white flowers, this deciduous vine is the perfect addition to ornamental gardens. Its berries are inedible for humans but are preferred by songbirds often.

5. Orange Honeysuckle

Orange Honeysuckle

Botanical Name – Lonicera ciliosa

Add a pop of color to your garden with the orange-red berries and tubular flowers of orange honeysuckle. This twining vine can draw bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies to the landscape.

6. American Bittersweet

American Bittersweet

Botanical Name – Celastrus scandens

Brighten up your monotonous landscape with the bright red berries of this fast-growing American bittersweet vine. It’s a great addition to wreaths, garlands, and floral arrangements.

7. Cranberry

Red Berries Vines

Botanical Name – Vaccinium macrocarpon

Cranberry is popular worldwide as a commercial food crop because of its delicious tart red berries. This low-growing vine thives profusely in wet bog conditions.

8. Kadsura

Red Berries Vines

Botanical Name – Kadsura Japonica

Kadsura is a climbing vine with shiny, deep green leaves and bright red berries. This botanical gem admires part shade and well-draining soil for best growth.

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