What Temperature Is Too Cold for Dogs

Dog owners are always concerned about, What Temperature is Too Cold for Dogs? To know the answer, keep reading this article!

What Temperature Is Too Cold For Dogs1

What Temperature Is Too Cold for Dogs?

Dogs love to play outdoors, which is essential for their physical and mental well-being. But what if; there’s cold outside. Just like human beings should be cautious of cold, the same is for animals too. In that case, you’ve to know what would be the ideal temperature for your little furry friend. The temperature below 45° F is too cold for dogs, but it also depends on their breed.

How to Take Care of Dogs in Winter?

During the winter season, it’s necessary to maintain the warmth of your fluffy partner. Here’re some tips to keep dogs warm in winter!

1. Booties for Dogs

Booties are an excellent solution for your pup’s soft and sensitive paws. If your dog has wounded paws, then booties are necessary to prevent the irritation caused by salt and chemical spills (Salt & chemical spills are used to melt excessive snow and ice).

2. Grooming in Winter

Grooming in Winter

During the winter, it’s necessary to maintain a proper grooming regime for a dog. However, don’t trim your pup’s hair in between the wintertime, as its fur will keep the required warmth. But cut matted hairs, in and around the paw pads.

3. Dress Them Warmly

Cover your old aged dog or little puppy having less fur, either by a sweater, jacket, or a coat throughout the winter. But make sure to wrap the whole body, including the underside too.

4. Care of Paws

Take care of your dogs’ paws, mainly in winters, as the snow and ice will make a ball-like structure in between their toes. Their hands also get irritated from the rock salt, which is used to melt the snow. If they hate to wear booties, then clean their paws with warm water, followed by a soft cloth every time, when they come from outside.

5. Outdoor Shelter

Outdoor Shelter

If your dogs love to spend time outdoors or are not trained to live in the house, then an outdoor shelter is required the most. The dog house must be elevated from land having proper insulation inside (By blankets or by straws) and make sure a waterproof plastic covers the entrance.

6. Bathe Dog Inside

Never bathe your pup outside as they can catch a cold. Either you can give shorter baths with warm water or fewer showers during the winter season to your little friend. Just make sure your dog becomes completely dry before going outdoor. You can avoid bathing by using dry shampoos to clean your hound.

7. Feed Them More Food

In the wintertime, dogs burn more calories than usual to regulate their body temperature levels. That’s why you’ve to feed more to your hounds to maintain their calorie level.

8. Indoor Sleeping

What Temperature Is Too Cold for Dogs2

If it’s freezing outside, then never let your pups out, not even if they’re fond of sleeping outside. If you don’t have a pup’s bed, then instead of letting them sleep on the floor, arrange a pet heating pad. To provide extra warmth to your puppies, you can wrap them by blankets while they’re asleep.

9. Special Care in Arthritis

Dogs need special attention in arthritis during winter, as their condition will become worse in this season. You can’t imagine how dogs go through in arthritis in cold conditions. Keep them cozy by appropriate clothing, room heaters, and limit their outdoor time. Make sure to talk with your local vet about their medication.

Winter Health Hazards for Dogs

Below are some severe health issues that can affect dogs, if proper care is not given!

1. Hypothermia in Dogs

Hypothermia occurs when a significant drop is noticed in a dog’s body temperature. It happens when your dog spends an extended period outside in the cold temperature. This problem mostly occurs in old aged dogs, young ones, and thin fur hounds, when their body temperature goes below 100 F. If you notice symptoms like weakness, shivering, lack of mental sharpness, muscle clumsiness, and inconsistent breathing in your pup, then immediately call your vet for treatment.

2. Frostbite

What Temperature Is Too Cold for Dogs3

Frostbite is a severe issue for several dogs, especially for those having less hair. This problem will occur on their tails, paws, and ear tips. Frostbite affected area will become very pale with a bluish-white hue due to a lack of blood flow and feels very cold when you touch it. In that case, warm them up with a blanket or with lukewarm water (Not more than 108° F) and call your vet as quickly as possible.

3. Antifreeze

If you use antifreeze products for your automobiles, then make sure it should be far away from your pup. As some drops of it can cause serious health issues to your furry partner.

Tip: How to Check a Dog Temperature

Take a thermometer and cover it up with petroleum jelly. Then gently caress & talk with your dog. Now pull the tail up and swiftly insert the thermometer into its anus for about 1 to 3 inches & wait for around 1-2 minutes. Always remember that 101 to 102.5° F is a dog’s average body temperature.

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