Why Does My Car Smell Like Vinegar | How to Remove the Smell

Why Does My Car Smell Like Vinegar? How to Remove Vinegar Smell From Car? Get the answers to these queries below!

Why Does My Car Smell Like Vinegar 1

If your vehicle is filled with an unpleasant vinegary scent and you don’t know how? Learn Why Does My Car Smell Like Vinegar and how to end this nightmare below.

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Why Does My Car Smell Like Vinegar?

There are multiple factors that can make your vehicle stink, like vinegar. Most probably, that smell is present due to the vinegar itself. Furthermore, debris, liquid spills, and leftover food scraps make the car a perfect place for mold and bacteria, due to which pungent odors also crop up.

Why Does My Car AC Smell Like Vinegar?

Why Does My Car Smell Like Vinegar 2
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Does your car ac smells like vinegar? If yes, the culprits are clogged cabin air filters, dead organic matter, moisture, mildew, and excessive condensation. Spillage of vinegar is also a reason behind this stinking odor.

How to Remove Vinegar Smell From Car?

If your car air smells like vinegar, try the below quick and cheap methods.

1. Replace Cabin Filter and AC EvaporatorWhy Does My Car Smell Like Vinegar 3

The cabin air filter, AC vent, duct, and evaporator are responsible for maintaining the air quality of a car. But when they become faulty, their supplied air smells putrid and not cool enough. For this, change the filter along with the evaporator and clean up the AC vent and duct with the help of a professional.

2. Leave Windows OpenWhy Does My Car Smell Like Vinegar 4

Leaving your car’s windows open for an hour or two is the simplest, quickest, and cost-free method to make your vehicle odor-free. This method allows fresh air to come inside the automobile and eliminates foul odor in the process.

3. Remove Liquid Spills

Why Does My Car Smell Like Vinegar 5

Mold is a major reason behind the vinegar smell in car. As mold thrives in moisture-prone areas, cleaning any kind of liquid spillage promptly is vital to prevent the development of mold inside the car. Mold not only makes the vehicle’s environment odorous, but it’s harmful to health as well.

4. Use Vacuum Cleaner Daily

Use Vacuum Cleaner Daily
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Vacuuming your car interior thoroughly eliminates odor-causing stuff such as pet hair, food residuals, and other filths. Make sure to use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter regularly and later discard its bags in a trash can.

5. Homemade Car Air FreshenersHomemade Car Air Fresheners

If your car is smelling like vinegar, use homemade air fresheners to keep your vehicle fresh and nice. These all-natural air fresheners are capable of eliminating all kinds of obnoxious odors.

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