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Toenails are a vital part of the human body. If your little toenail looks thick and odd, then you might want to know “why is my pinky toenail thick?” Let’s take a look below!

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For any beach lover, swimmer, or footwear aficionado, a disfigured thick pinky toenail is quite embarrassing. Many people are prone to this condition and our readers have asked us many times that why is my pinky toenail thick. Read this article till the end to know the answer along with some simple ways to get rid of this painful and aesthetic issue.

Symptoms of Thick Pinky Toenail

If you have a misshapen pinky toenail, you might experience the following symptoms:

  • Develops ridges on the affected toenail
  • Toenail lifted from the nail bed
  • Crumbly pinky toenail
  • Infected toenail emits a funky odor
  • Toenail might look¬†white, yellow, or brown
  • Debris built up under the pinky toenail

Why Is My Pinky Toenail Thick?

A thick pinky toenail is not only a cosmetic issue but induces pain over time. Generally, ill-fitted shoes and repetitive nail trauma in sports or exercises are the common culprits of this disorder. However, some other factors, namely, toenail fungal infection (onychomycosis), psoriasis, paronychia, aging, and yellow nail syndrome, can also trigger this cosmetic issue.

Risk Factors

After learning why your pinky toenail gets thick, now it’s time to find out the major reasons that increase the chance of getting this malady.

  • Prolonged exposure to water
  • A depleted immune system
  • Diabetes
  • Wandering barefoot in public places like showers and locker rooms
  • Tightly fitted shoes
  • Athlete’s foot

How to Get Rid of a Thick Pinky Toenail?

Why Is My Pinky Toenail Thick2

In the early stages, a thick pinky toenail is more of a cosmetic issue. But when left untreated, it becomes severe, induces pain, and makes wearing shoes or other footwear uncomfortable. Luckily there are some ways by which you can manage this weird condition at home quite easily.

  • Vicks VapoRub – As onychomycosis is a major reason behind the thickness of the little toenail, in that case, a bottle of Vicks is enough to get rid of this nightmare. Before using this hack, make sure that the toenail is indeed affected by fungi. For this, take a closer look at all your toenails; if they look thick and discolored like the pinky one, onychomycosis is the culprit. Read the remedy here.
  • Trimming and Nail Filing –¬†If the pinky toenail gets thickened due to ill-fitting shoes or any injury, trimming and nail filing is the perfect solution. First, submerge your feet in tepid water for 5-10 minutes and dry your feet. Next, trim the pinky toenail using a nail clipper and gently file the edges with a nail filer, followed by an application of coconut oil.


  • Those who’re not sure about the exact reason behind their deformed pinky toenails must avoid these remedies and consult with a podiatrist for a proper course of action.
  • Thick pinky toenails due to psoriasis, and paronychia must be treated by an expert podiatrist rather than in-home treatments.

How to Keep Your Pinky Toenail from Becoming Thick?

Why Is My Pinky Toenail Thick3

Follow the below tips to prevent your little toenail from becoming thick and distorted:

  • Dry your feet with a towel after bathing, as wet toenails are at risk of fungal infection.
  • Always carry comfortable footwear.
  • Wear clean and dry socks.
  • If you often visit swimming pools, locker rooms, spas, or beaches, bring flip flops or shower sandals with you.
  • Avoid nail injury during sports, exercise, or any indoor activity.
  • Keep your little toenail trimmed and smooth but don’t cut it too short.

When to Visit a Podiatrist?

After using the above ways, if you don’t notice any sign of improvement or the condition worsens drastically, taking advice from a podiatrist is highly advisable. Make sure to consult a specialist if you have a weakened immune system or underlying health conditions such as psoriasis and diabetes, along with a thick pinky toenail.


A thicker pinky toenail is often a symptom of another disorder and can cause permanent damage, that’s why it’s vital to treat this condition immediately. Besides, if you want to do a gel pedicure at home, this article might fit the bill.

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