Giant Swiss Cross

I’m not over my love for Swiss Cross designs just yet! Pillows, blankets, wall decals, you name it – love it! Joel and I decided to go big on this one and so we created this fabulous giant Swiss Cross for our home! 

Giant Swiss Cross





Table Saw

Jig Saw

Belt Sander

Clear Acrylic Gloss Coating

Giant Swiss Cross


1. Take your plywood (we used scrap left over from our dining room table) and begin to measure out a perfect square.

2. Cut out your square using the table saw. 

3. Begin measuring out your Swiss Cross onto your square, making it as symmetrical as possible. Make changes where needed. We had to make the design a little more wide to get it just right!

4. Using your jig saw, begin to cut your Swiss Cross design from the square. 

5. Once all sides are cut and you have your design, use a belt sander to smooth all the surfaces. Wipe clean with a damp cloth. 

6. Spray your Swiss Cross with the clear acrylic gloss coating and let dry. 

Giant Swiss Cross

If you aren’t comfortable using all these power tools, no problem! You can always ask for a little help in that department. You can also paint your swiss cross any color you prefer, the options are endless!

Giant Swiss Cross

Giant Swiss Cross

We were struggling with whether to paint ours black or leave it natural. In the end, we loved the detail of the wood so much, we decided to leave it alone. I’m so glad we did, it feels so clean and modern!

Giant Swiss Cross

Who knew the Swiss Cross design would be so popular in home decor! We are obviously huge fans of this classic look, but are you?

XOXO, Lidy

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