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Make Your Own DIY Mid-Century Inspired Geometric Wall Art

I’m SO honored to announce that I am now a featured writer for Curbly! Can you believe it? Curbly is one of those blogs that inspired me from the very beginning  of my blogging ventures and is still one I check out daily. Pinch me please – I am feeling so grateful!  My first post went up yesterday: a DIY Mid-Century Inspired Geometric Wall Art! This project was inspired by my teeny-tiny obsession with Mad Men. I just love some good mid-century design. So, if you are anything like me, be sure to check it out and let me know what you think!!!  XOXO,... read more

Slow Down With Schoolhouse Electric and Supply Co

When I think of Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co, I think of my long wish-list of pieces for our home. Naturally! But when they asked me if I would like to participate in their campaign involving their new spring line, I could not refuse.  Slow Down.  Today is the perfect day to reflect on that. Two years ago today we became a family of five. A sweet little baby made our family complete and changed our lives forever. As I look back on pictures of our kids especially, I catch myself always asking where did the time go? And I think a lot of us can attest to that.  Time went quickly. Quickly wishing they would grow up so we didn’t have to continually change diapers, dress them, feed them, clean them, carry them down the stairs, read to them, sing to them and snuggle them. Because we were so busy.  I hate that that was my excuse, but it was. Housework needed to be done, dinner needed to be made, errands needed to be run. And life doesn’t wait for us to get those things out of the way first, it keeps on moving. Quickly. And now two years later, I look at my once little baby, and I wish I could go back to enjoy those moments more. Putting more emphasis on my little family before my busy life. Don’t get me wrong, I spent a lot of time with my kids and enjoyed plently moments! But you always have that feeling where you know you could have done just a little more to soak it all in. So, in... read more

Potted Plant and Woodblock Stamping Workshops

I’m thrilled to be hosting two DIY workshops at Market Collective May 2nd at the Chinese Cultural Center in Calgary!  The first workshop is at 12:30PM – 2:00PM. It will be a pre-Mother’s Day DIY for some quality time spent with your favorite lady!  You’ll learn how to hand paint a flower pot to give it your own personal touch and some fresh plants for your home! This workshop registration fee is good for TWO (you and mom!) and will include drinks and light snacks! Guests will take home two pots, two plants, two MC limited edition tote bags and two MC weekend admissions! You can register HERE!  The second workshop is at 2:30PM – 4:00PM, same location! This woodblock stamping workshop is all about making this technique simple and fun! It can be a super easy process, where you can create gorgeous textiles in your own home using basic materials. From fun patterns to vibrant colors, you’ll learn a minimal technique of woodblock stamping with craft store supplies! Guests will take home one pillow (with pillowcase), MC limited tote bag, MC weekend admission! You can register HERE!  Tickets are limited, so be sure to sign up right away.  If you are in the Calgary area, I hope to see you there! Can’t wait to see what amazing creations you come up with!  XOXO, Lidy... read more

Bohemian-Inspired Branch Picture Hanger

Hey friends! I’ve teamed up with Porch to share what inspires me to be a maker. Which is tough to define, since I find inspiration everywhere! But really, I don’t have to venture any further than my front door to find those things that really trigger creativity in my home. With my fancy Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 polaroid from Glazers, I was able to capture ten moments and things around my home that I think inspire my need to create projects you might see throughout the weeks and months on the blog. Things such as: 1. Plants! They make things feel fresh and remind me to enjoy the little things! 2. Music. A great stimulater and always a good motivator to dance and let loose when you’re working a lot and forgetting to kick back and relax!  3. Books and Magazines. These can really inspire new ideas and motivate me to start projects I’ve been putting off! 4. Painting! Exploring new mediums and techniques can be fun and rewarding!  5. A clean bedroom. Something as simple as making your bed helps start my day on the right foot!  6. Family. Need I say more! 7. Scandinavian-inspired design. This by far,  motivates me to keep my life simple, and minimal! Less is more, right?! 8. Texture and color.  Every time I design a space, I keep texture and color in mind because it can really alter how I work and function during the day. If a room is dark and drab, I feel really lazy. If it’s bright and light, I feel rejuvenated and motivated!  9. Fresh flowers! Getting spoiled once in a while can really boost your confidence. Fresh flowers are inexpensive and effective! 10. Home Sweet... read more

Whoa What a Week!

It’s been really quiet around here this week, I’m sure you’ve noticed.  I can’t tell you how busy things have been lately! It’s a good busy, but boy am I feeling it these past few days. I have so many really exciting things going on and so I decided I would share a few of them with you so you know why I’ve been so absent lately! Hope you don’t mind… 1. I’ve had a lot of fun opportunities working on television lately! You can see them here and here. Although, I was TOTALLY freaked out both times – being on live TV is so much harder than it looks. I designed the last Glamping show and another one coming up in the next month. It’s like a dream job! 2.  I have TWO workshops coming up the first weekend in May with Market Collective! I am SO excited and cannot wait to meet and mingle with other creative folks. I’ll share more information soon and if you’re local, you should totally come! 3.  I’m working on another design project with Dote Magazine for Issue Three! It’s going to be a fun one, which I can’t share until it’s in print of course. I am learning to be very patient these days!  4. I’ve been working with a lot of really amazing brands on some really fabulous projects that are still on the down low, but soon and very soon, I’ll be able to spill the beans. You’ve probably seen a few sneak peeks on Instragram because, well, I just can’t help myself! 5. I had my first design consultation this week. I’ll... read more

DIY Stamped Pillow

A while ago, I came across this amazing DIY! I was SO inspired and finally had some time to make one of my own. It’s perfect for our new family room – the color and pattern are both bright and playful! Don’t you think?  What you will need: Pillow Cover  Wood Block Foam with sticky backing Fabric Paint Paint Brush What to do: Make sure your pillow cover is ironed and flattened as much as possible. Create a pattern by first sketching it out on the foam. Then, using scissors, cut out your pattern. Take off the backing of the foam and stick it to your block. Put a nice layer of fabric paint on the foam and press down firmly on your pillow cover. Carefully lift up. Reapply fabric paint and repeat until your cover is completely covered with the pattern!  It’s really so easy and the possibilities are endless. You can stamp curtains, table cloths, napkins, placemats, towels, Tees and so on!!! I can’t wait to try this technique on some other pieces for our home.  If you haven’t guessed, this blue has a lot to do with the direction of the new family room! What do you think?! XOXO, Lidy... read more

DIY Sequin Planter Kit

This week I’ve been laying a little low as we try to get our basement makeover finished – we’ve been pretty busy! But today I’m back with some pretty fun  AMAZING news! I’m thrilled to announce that I am partnering up with Darby Smart! Ahh – can you hear my excitement?!  If you aren’t familiar with Darby Smart, allow me to introduce you! Simply put, Darby Smart teams up with all kinds of creative individuals to bring you some pretty fabulous DIY kits for you to try. And the best part is, all the supplies are available to purchase in one place. No need to leave your home, everything you need is a click away and will be delivered right to your door!  Last summer, I shared this super easy back-to-school DIY Sequin Planter, which will be my first kit that I know you’ll love! It’s the perfect way to bring in some natural green elements into your home with a pop of bling. Perfect combo if you ask me! It’s this easy: You’ll need a planter, stretch sequin trim in gold and a hot glue gun.  Simply clean the surface of your planter and hot glue your sequins to the planter. Wrap tightly around your planter. Secure the end with hot glue. Adjust and secure with hot glue where needed, although it may not be necessary. Place your plant in your new planter and enjoy!  Voila! You are done – told you it was going to be straight forward. You can purchase the supplies to this DIY here in order to make your very own sequin planter. Be sure to share pics, I’d love to see! ... read more

DIY Textiles and Home Decor

I’m so excited to finally share with you a little project I’ve been working on the last couple weeks. First, let me begin by telling you how AMAZING technology is these days friends – it freaks me out a little! As we are about to begin our basement makeover, I wanted some textiles and decor that were catered to the kids, but something I still loved for myself. I decided to create my own DIY Textiles and Home Decor using my new Sprout in just a matter of minutes! It all started when I found this super weird faux cactus at a garage sale. Call it an impulse buy, but I knew it would come in handy one day! And here’s where the technology blows my mind! The HP Sprout has a built-in projector, scanner AND a 3D Camera. I simply laid my faux cactus on the touch mat and with a press of the capture button the image was scanned. The computer automatically deletes any background for you, saving me a bit of extra editing and giving me what I really want. My final scanned image! Once I captured my cactus, I wanted to take it to another level. I still wanted that child-like look I was aiming for. And so I created my very own version of this cactus by tracing and coloring it in using the draw tool on my touch pad. I saved that illustrated cactus and then just dragged and dropped more to create a pattern. Once I got the design I liked, I grouped the image and saved it to make one file and simply created a JPEG. This took me a matter of... read more

DIY Graphic String Light

I’ve always loved the look of string lights casually hanging in a living room or bedroom. They are playful and a really fun way to introduce lighting into your home decor! I came across some basic white string lights at Walmart (for cheap!) and created this DIY Graphic String Light! You Will Need String Lights  Sharpie (in any color) Simply begin to create and draw different designs along your lights. I did an assortment of shapes and whimsical designs, which you might recognize the same patterns I used here and here. But you can do anything you set your mind to! It’s so easy and you have yourself customized  lighting for your home. I love the look in our living room, it has definitely changed the overall look of that little corner. Funny how something so small can do that!  So, what do you think? Will you be making some fun string lights this week?!  XOXO, Lidy... read more
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