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Over-Sized Art For Your Walls

Alright friends, it’s time to swap out your gallery walls and small art prints, because this year things are about to change in design: a switch from busy to big!  I decided this year, I really wanted to make steps toward simplifying my walls when I can, where I can. At heart, I love pretty decor (some may call it clutter), but my walls can really help tame down the space and add some balance. I’ve taken down my gallery wall to help simplify the overall look of the space and introduced this GORGEOUS Minted print to our living room. The Monochrome Sky is a window where I can pretend our home overlooks this peaceful and serene view. I wish!   I love the bohemian vibe our living room has because of one switch! I’ve really struggled with identifying my style in this space, but we’ve finally found a theme that sits well with us – this beautiful print is just the first step to a much bigger change, which I will share soon!   What I really want to know is how you all feel about this new trend? Are you sick of the gallery walls and small prints clumped together? I don’t know about you, but I am so ready for this change!  XOXO,... read more

Introducing The Case Study Fiberglass Demi Table

Say hello to the new Case Study Fiberglass Demi Table by Modernica! I’m in love with this new piece and I am so excited to share with you my top three reasons I think you’ll love it too!  1. It’s handcrafted: These lovely Fiberglass Demi Tables are 100% designed and crafted in their Los Angeles factory! From the woodbending to the fiberglass pressing, it’s pretty amazing when you think about it! Modernica has designed each tabletop with eleven layers of laminated hardwoods and bevels the exposed wood edge.  2. It’s modern and functional:  The Fiberglass Demi Table is known for its simple, practical and understated materials. These lightweight occasional tables are low profile and really create great solutions for flexible use spaces!  3. It’s versatile:  The Fiberglass Demi Table is offered in 36  fiberglass colors, but not only that, they also come in a walnut or a maple veneer – wowzers! So, there’s really plenty of options for any design style. The hardest part will be deciding what color to choose! The easy part is introducing it into your space – so far I’ve used it as a side table, plant stand and even a small breakfast-in-bed tray! For such a little guy, he sure has a lot to offer.  So, what do you think – is it screaming your name yet?!  XOXO,... read more

DIY Outdoor Citrus Side table

Happy Friday! It’s the weekend again/already! I am still playing catch-up at home, but if you are the lucky one who has caught up on chores and to-do lists then you might want to check out this fun DIY Outdoor Citrus Side Table! It’s the perfect weekend project – it takes no time at all and is sure to add that playful burst of  color to your space!  Head on over to Curbly for the full tutorial and I would love to know what you think – so come back soon! Hope you all have an amazing weekend friends!  XOXO, Lidy    ... read more

DIY Hanging Planter Shelf

I am finally back from our two week long holiday! So sorry for the absense. It was really nice for us to spend some time as a family, relax and focus on other things for a little bit. To be honest, I was feeling really overwhelmed and uninspired for a bit leading up to our vacation. But it’s amazing what some time away from the hustle and bustle of life can do for the soul. We spent a lot of time near the ocean and mountains and I came home feeling like I could breath again! I have some catching up to do, but today I wanted to share with you this fun DIY Hanging Planter Shelf I did for Curbly while I was away! It’s such a fun way to display plants and get them off of the floor. For the full how-to, head on over to Curbly! Be sure to let me know what you all think! XOXO,... read more

Command Decor Damage-Free Wall Tiles

I am a compensated 3M-sponsored blogger. Opinions are my own and additional products used in the project were selected by me. Not too long ago, I gave Violet’s room a mini makeover, but today I’m back and sharing even more little additions to her space!! For all you who rent or  hate putting holes in your walls, this goes out to you! Violet’s new wall is just too pretty that I couldn’t bare to damage it for the sake of hanging some art or decor. When Command Brand from 3M contacted me asking if I would like to try out their new Command Decor Damage-Free Wall Tiles, I said one big YES PLEASE! I love how Command Decor gives me the freedom to customize arrangements,  swap out my art as often as I want and without damaging my walls. All you do is hang, change and rearrange! Which means, renters and nail-hole-haters, stick away! And that’s just what I did! Materials Command Decor Damage-Free Wall Tiles Smooth, sealed and finished indoor surface Instructions 1. Begin with a clean and blank surface. 2. Take your damage-free Command Strip and attach the black backing of the strip to the black backing of your tile. Press down firmly until it is secure. 3. Remove the backing to expose the sticky surface of the strip. 4. Take your tile and use the built-in level to ensure your tile is hung perfectly straight! Isn’t that amazing and pretty genius?! Once you have it just right, press the tile to the wall and gently press the center of the tile to make sure the Command strip is secure to the wall. 5.... read more

Super Simple Painted Stool Makeover

Hey friends! Hope you have all been doing well. I know I’ve been cutting back on blogging these past few weeks! I’m just trying to figure somethings out around here and kind of find a rythm with all the changes going on lately! Including my new gig at Curbly!   Speaking of which, here is another fun DIY for you all to check out and give a try. It’s a SUPER SIMPLE Painted Stool Makeover – promise! Be sure to check it out here and let me know what you think!  XOXO,... read more

DIY Minimalist Wire Mesh Shelf

Ok, let’s be honest here for a minute. I am a really unorganized person by nature! There, I said it. I always get so frustrated with myself because I’m constantly losing or misplacing things and can never find stuff when I really need them! Am I the only one? Needless to say, I’m all about finding ways that will help me get this under control and I think this DIY Minimalist Wire Mesh Shelf is a stylish, functional and playful way to get some things up off the floors!  I still have a long way to go, but this is definitely a step in the right direction – don’t you think? Be sure to check out the full how-to on Curbly today!  XOXO,... read more

DIY Modern Heart Art

I’m back with a super simple way to add a graphic and bold statement to your space with very little supplies and without spending a ton of money! I love bold, black and white art for my home. It feels clean, minimal and fresh, no matter what surrounds it!  Materials Thick Card Stock Pencil Paint Paint Brush Frame Instructions 1. You may choose to create a small sample of what you want your finished design to look like and refer to it as you create your larger scale art. 2. Simply start by drawing out your design using a pencil. With your paint and paint brush, carefully paint over your pencil guide. Allow to dry completely.  3. Place in your frame, hang up and enjoy!  To be honest, I originally made this art piece for my home for Valentine’s Day and forgot to share it! But I love it so much, it’s still in the frame and on my wall! Goes to show that geometric hearts can still stand the test of time, especially when they are modern and bold! I would love to do another piece, but a little more current, so stay tuned! What do you think?!  XOXO,... read more

DIY Molded Plywood Light Fixture

It’s Friday and I am SO happy I made it to the end of this week! Life has been so busy (hence the absence lately), but I am incredibly thankful you are all still popping in to see the little projects I have been working on all over the web lately. Speaking of which, did you get a chance to check out our DIY Molded Plywood Light Fixture over on Curbly this week?  Joel and I love a good lighting DIY! This little guy now graces our dining room and has a similar aesthetic as our Brass Swing Lamp we did a couple years back.  But I just love the little touch of plywood that really creates a sculptural element to the whole piece – so, if you happy to check it out, be sure to let me know what you think?!  XOXO,... read more
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