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DIY Faux Neon Cactus Light Using String Lights

Today I’m teaming up with Porch and a group of fabulous bloggers to share 7 Creative Ways to Decorate with String Lights! You know we all have them laying around somewhere and so I hope you find inspiration to put them to some good use!  I decided to create this trendy and fun faux neon cactus light for our home or even the patio area! Because I chose to use battery operated string lights, I don’t have to worry about placing it wherever a plug happens to be. And let’s be honest, it’s never convenient anyway! I love this playful addition to our space!  Materials Plywood Board (precut or you can simply cut to size using a table saw) Pencil Paint Nails Hammer String Lights Instructions 1. Sand your plywood board to get rid of any rough edges. Wipe clean. Using your pencil, sketch out your cactus.  2. Paint the outline of your cactus using a bright and vivid green. Allow to dry completely.  3. Begin hammering in your nails along the outline of your cactus, just enough to get the proper shape of your cactus.  4. Begin to wrap your string lights around the nails until you have full coverage – I used two packs of string lights.  5. Optional: Using a forester drill bit, you can drill a hole and then cut off the end halfway through the hole. This will allow the wires to be easily hidden and tucked behind the board.  7. Display and enjoy!  This would be a great little light for your patio area during those warm summer nights, a fun lighting option for the living room... read more

Layering Rugs With a Pop of Color

Each season, my living room always gets a little makeover! In the winter months, I love to keep the home looking simple and minimal. But now that we are well into summer,  I teamed up with Wayfair to bring some color and refresh the space a bit! I love introducing different elements into my living room – not only color, but texture as well! One simple way of introducing a textural element is by layering rugs. I decided to keep our neutral rug in the space as the base, but balance it out by adding this gorgeous Ivory and Navy Contemporary Rug to overlap the two. It makes a great statement as soon as you walk into the room and I think it really brings out the other complimentary colors now too.   To me, blue is the perfect choice when first introducing color into your home if you aren’t as brave as most. It’s also playing it a bit more safe if you aren’t too sure you want to commit with a color you might not love in a few months. Don’t worry, blue is still vibrant, fresh and fun. But it also acts as a neutral when you want it to be, depending on the other accent colors in the space. Take for example our Boomerang Table – those florescent pink legs REALLY pop out now with the two colors side by side! Don’t you think?  I am so pleased with this new addition, it definitely breaths new life into this space! What color has you ready for summer?!  XOXO,... read more

DIY Modern Planter from a Wooden Salad Bowl

I’m all about creating unique planters for the jungle that’s growing in my house lately! And this is probably the simplest one yet – a DIY Modern Planter from a Wooden Salad Bowl. Yes, a salad bowl.  If you are all about repurposing items and thrifting, then be sure to head to Curbly for the full how-to tutorial and let me know what you think!!  XOXO,... read more

DIY Minimal Geometric Clock

With Father’s Day just around the corner, we are thinking of ways to create handmade pieces that are truly one-of-a-kind for all those dads out there. Like this DIY Minimal Geometric Clock, which is just one of those ‘timeless’ gifts that last year after year. (Did you catch that?!) So, if you are feeling a little stumped, have no fear! Head on over to The Land of Nod‘s blog today, Honest to Nod, for the full how-to and be sure to come back and let me know what you think!  XOXO,... read more

Playful Patio Makeover

Hello hello! Hope you are as excited as I am for the summer issue of Merry Mag, full of amazing inspiration from a handful of very talented bloggers! Last week, I shared a sneak peek and today I’m all about showing off our new and improved playful patio makeover! I feel so very lucky to have teamed up with The Land of Nod to give our plain patio a pretty makeover! I really wanted our outdoor space to be a happy and bright sanctuary for our family to enjoy together. LON pieces are so versatile and great for literally every space in the home, including outside! They are always on trend and have plenty to choose from. When working on a little space like this (or any space for that matter) I always start from the ground up. The foundation of my design has to set a strong tone for the rest of the pieces to rely on. I went with the Half Shell Scallop Rug in Turquoise! It had a great pattern that wasn’t too masculine or feminine and the color was so peaceful to me. Next, I brought in our main furniture pieces. Since this area would be more for lounging and relaxing, I brought in four vintage chairs that we thrifted for $2 each – not bad, right? I also added this solid Square Up Stool in Mint for displaying our Cacti collection or for when we just want to put our feet up to read or chill. I also brought in this fabulous Faux-Leather Gold Pouf to use as table/ottoman or just an extra seat if need be!... read more

Repurposed 3-Tier Planter

If you’re anything like me, gardening and updating your outdoors can get a little expensive and I’m a thrifty kind of person. I’m often on the look out for the best deals, but still trying to keep my spaces looking trendy and cute. Repurposing existing pieces is a great option, like this 3-Tier Planter!  And if you are looking for some more great summery DIYs, be sure to check out the summer edition of Merry Mag this Monday – June 8th! I’m so excited!  Materials Wired Hanging Basket (x3) Spray Paint (in 3 colors) Plants! Instructions: 1. Begin by spray painting each planter the color of your choosing. Allow to dry in between each coat.  2. Attach the hook of one planter to the bottom of the other until all three are attached.  3. You may choose to plant your plants into the planters or simply place the plant in the baskets.  4. Hang, display and enjoy!  This project only takes about 20 minutes, isn’t that wonderful? I love this simple solution and how it can add those layers of beautiful greenery to your patio. Everything feels fresh and ready for summer! This 3-tier planter can also be easily transported into the house for those cold evenings or crazy thunderstorms (that is, if you experience this kind of weather in your area)! I love the option of this planter being for both outdoors and indoors – what do you think?   This is just a sneak peek of what’s to come, so be sure to come back Monday for our patio makeover and the launch of the Merry Mag Summer Issue!  Prepare... read more

DIY Painted Palm Pillow

Sooo, do you remember that DIY Painted Palm Planter I made the other day? Well, this is a little spin off! It’s such a basic pattern that works with the whole tropical trend that we all know and love.  Materials Pillow Cover (IKEA) Cushion (IKEA) Fabric Paint Paint Brush Instructions 1.Make sure your pillow cover isn’t too wrinkly, so you may want to give it a quick iron. Then, begin painting your palms on the cover in any pattern you choose.  2. Allow to dry according to the fabric paint directions.  3. Place your cushion in the pillowcase and enjoy!  I love playing with trends and pillows has always been my #1 way of introducing them safely in our home – without that deep regret of a large purchase! Plus, it’s pretty fun making up your own designs – what do you think?! XOXO, Lidy... read more

Mid-Century Boomerang Coffee Table

The last few weeks we’ve been working on a design for a new coffee table. After doing a lot of window shopping, it was clear that things were a bit out of our price range and not quite what we were looking for. So, we created this Mid-Century Boomerang Coffee Table!  I am so happy with how it turned out – the neon legs give it a modern-inspired look to balance it out. Plus, now that it’s summer, it seems appropriate to have a bit more color in our home! Be sure to head to Curbly for the full tutorial and please let me know what you think!!  XOXO,... read more

DIY Tropical Paper Foliage

I can’t help but fall for trends. They are an exciting way of bringing a fresh start to you home when you might be getting a little bored of what’s around you. They come and go, which is why I love to create quirky pieces that I can have fun with for the time being until another trend rolls in. Like these DIY Tropical Paper Foliage!  Materials Construction paper (in various shades of green) Pencil Scissors Tape Wood Trellis (optional) Instructions 1. Begin by folding your paper in half and draw half of an oval with pointed top and bottom.  2. Cut your sketch and a small slit or opening almost the length of your leaf shape in the center.  3. Now create the kind of foliage you would like by cutting out various leaflets!   4. Simply tape to any surface – I chose a fun wooden trellis. Continue until you have the desired amount of paper foliage!  I love the statement it makes – it adds great color and texture to the walls! I originally created this foliage for a fun backdrop for my son’s birthday, but it would also make a great sculptural piece as well. And who can complain, these big tropical leaves are the kind that will never die! We are sure having fun with it in our house.  What do you think of this trend and simple DIY? For more tropical inspiration, be sure to check out my Tropical Foliage Side Table and Painted Palm Leaf Planter!  XOXO,... read more
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