99+ Old Socks Uses | Re-purposing Old Socks Ideas

Before tossing out your old or mismatched socks, read on these frugal, and interesting old socks uses that’ll surely surprise you!

Old Socks Uses1

Below are some odd old socks uses in which you can reuse your worn out or mismatched old socks.

1. Clean Shutters and Blind Slats

Clean Shutters and Blind Slats

Old socks are an excellent way to clean the dusty window shutters and blind slats. All you have to do is to put a sock on your hand and then gently move your hand between the slats.

2. Polish Your Car

A large old, soft sock is a perfect hack for buffing or applying a coat of wax on your favorite car.

3. To Protect Stored Breakables

To Protect Stored Breakables

Prevent breaking and chipping of your fragile, valuable vase or bobblehead collection with the help of the old socks. Simply slip the breakables items into the socks.

4. Delicates Wash Bag

The washing machine often damages the lingerie and other delicate fabrics. That’s why put them into socks and tie the end before putting them into the washer.

5. For Small Stuffed Animals

Old Socks Uses2

Decorative items like small stuffed animals are more prone to get lost in all the clutter in your kid’s playroom. Therefore, protect your kid’s stuffed animals by slipping them into socks and tie the end.

5. Cover Shoes Smell From Clothing

Carrying your child’s favorite old shoes with luggage is not a good idea. Cover each one with an adult-sized sock before throwing them in the bags to protect the rest of the clothes from the smell.

6. White Board & Chalk Board Eraser

White Board & Chalk Board Eraser

Old socks are a fantastic and cost-effective alternative in comparison to the board eraser. Take an old sock and wipe the whiteboard or chalkboard whenever you make mistakes.

7. Sock Puppets

Making sock puppets is a fun-filled activity. All you need is an old sock, marker, glue, and a pair of goggle eyes. Follow this step-by-step article that will show you three ways to create a sock puppet.

8. Dust & Cleaning RagsOld Socks Uses3

Use your old socks in place of rags to dust & clean ceiling fans, baseboards, furniture, and other appliances. Simply put a sock over your hand & you are good to go for quick cleaning tasks.

9. Remove Clothes Wrinkles

If your clothes get all wrinkled in the dryer, don’t worry then, old socks come to the rescue. Throw one or two old damp socks into the dryer with the load and run for a couple of minutes to see the magic.

10. Protect Floors From Scratches

Protect Floors From Scratches

While changing the furniture location, if you are worried about the floor scraping, then you are in the right place. For this, cover each leg of your furniture with old socks before moving them from one place to another.

11. Homemade Shoe Deodorizer

Don’t have time to clean your stinky shoes, then try a pair of old socks and baking soda. Put 1-2 tbsp of baking soda into the sock toe and tie it with a knot. Then, place it into the shoe toe and wait for overnight to remove the foul odor.

12. Ice Pack Cover

Ice Pack Cover

Holding an ice pack cover is a bit difficult with a washcloth or other fabric. Instead, slip the ice pack into the socks for better grip while applying on the problematic body part.

13. Homemade Microwaveable Heating Pad

To make a homemade heating pad, take an old natural fiber sock, and fill it with rice. Then, put this in the microwave for 2-3 minutes, and you are ready to go.

14. DIY Cat Toy

Old Socks Uses4

Cat loves to play with toys. Make one for your lovely kitty using an old sock. For this, fill polyfill and a small pinch of catnip into the sock toe, then tie it off properly.

15. Pull Toy For Dogs

Instead of throwing your old socks, make a bunch of homemade pull toys for your dog. Follow this instructive article to DIY several cute and unique toys.

16. Polish & Buff Shoes

Polish & Buff Shoes

You can polish and buff your favorite shoes using a pair of old socks. All you have to do is apply the polish on your shoes using a sock, then buff them after with another one.

17. Protect Golf Clubs

If you are concerned about the scratches that can happen to your golf clubs head during transit. No worries cover their heads with socks, and that will protect them from scratches.

18. Store Golf or Tennis Balls

Old Socks Uses5

Don’t know where to store your golf and tennis balls around the house; old socks are the solution. Store the golf or tennis balls into the socks and store them into the garage or wherever you like for easy access.

19. Preventative Moth Balls

While using mothballs, it’s vital to put them far away from the reach of children due to its toxicity. For this, put them inside an old sock and hang from the ceiling of your closet.

20. Keep Game Pieces Together

Manage your game pieces of monopoly, chess, Yahtzee, carrom, and many more with the help of some old socks. In this way, you never lose them again.

21. Glasses Holder

Glasses Holder

If you misplace your safety goggles or glasses often, then old sock is a savior. Keep them organized by putting the glasses into the socks and hang in the tool shed. This hack also helps you to keep the dust or residue off from glasses.

22. Keep Car Windows From Fogging

It sounds weird, but old socks and cat litter can prevent the car windows from fogging. To do this quick hack, fill a sock with silica cat litter and tie a knot. Then, wrap it with another sock to make it secure. Next, put it on the rear or front window ledge to do the magic.

23. Knee Pads

Knee Pads

DIY knee pads for your toddler or yourself using an old pair of socks. Follow this step-by-step article to know the detailed how-to for amazing knee pads.

24. Ice-proof Windshield Wipers

Frozen windshield wipers are a common problem for those who are living in cold weather areas. To counter this problem, cover the windshield wipers with your old tube socks. However, make sure to take off the socks from wipers before going to drive.

25. DIY Soap Pouch

Old Socks Uses6

Soap pouches make the soap less slippery, lather better, and last longer. With the help of an old sock, you can DIY your soap pouch at home. Just place the bar into the sock and use it as desired.

26. Bird Feeder

Instead of buying bird feeders, make one on your own using an old clean sock. First, trim the sock to create a long tube. Then, sew the one open end and add a sufficient amount of bird seeds into it. After that, sew the open side properly. Next, hang the bird feeder on a tree with a hook and string.

27. DIY Dryer Balls

DIY Dryer Balls

Why bother to buy expensive fabric softeners and dryer sheets, when you can DIY dryer balls at your home. Made with old socks and tennis balls, these dryer balls help a lot by boosting the drying process. Place tennis balls inside the socks to do the trick.

28. Decorate Pots & Vases

Use your different colors and patterns of old socks to decorate the pots & vases. To do this hack, trim the bottom of the socks, then use the leftover tube to cover skinny pots and vases.

29. Avoid Paint Stains on Shoes

Old Socks Uses7

If you are a painter by profession, then you know how much your favorite shoes are at risk of getting stained. Don’t worry, cover your shoes with old socks and do your job without any concerns.

30. To Clean up Errant Paint

A pair of old socks is handy for those who wish to paint the trim. You can use a sock on your non-dominant hand to pick up the drips instead of using a cloth or paper towel as it’s more absorbent.

31. Level a Wobbling Table

Table wobbles either due to uneven legs or the floor aren’t flat. To counteract this problem, cover the problematic leg with an old sock. If the issue persists, put more socks.

32. DIY Potpourri HolderDIY Potpourri Holder

Potpourri is a mix of dried petals & spices, used to scent a room. Do not limit your potpourri to a bowl; make a holder instead, with the help of an old sock. Add potpourri in the sock and close the end with a ribbon or rubber band. After that, put it wherever you want.

33. Homemade Washable Swiffer Wetjet Pads

Ditch the expensive disposable Swiffer wet jet pads, make reusable pads at home with some old socks. All you have to do is follow this article to know the tutorial.

34. Ponytail Bands and Sock Buns

Ponytail Bands and Sock Buns

Women love to try different hairstyles. Thanks to a pair of old socks, you can now do a bun hairstyle easily. Check out this article to know how to use socks for buns and handy ponytail bands.

35. Aromatherapy Sock Neck Warmer Pillow

Instead of using expensive store-bought aromatherapy neck pillow, make one for yourself using old socks. All you need is an essential oil, rice, glue, and a pair of old mid-calf socks for this DIY.

36. Homemade Stress Ball

Old Socks Uses8

Don’t know what to gift your near and dear ones, then try this homemade stress ball. Put a play dough in a sandwich bag and place it inside an old clean sock. Secure the open end properly with a ribbon, and don’t forget to use a gift tag.

37. Dog Sweater

Making tiny sweaters for your little pooch is another unique way to use old socks. This hack needs necessary cutting and sewing skills with a large old clean sock. Watch this instructional video for more help.

38. Leg Warmers

Leg Warmers

Thanks to old socks, you can make your very own leg warmers. Take a tube sock and trim its toe section. Your leg warmers are ready to make you feel cozy and warm.

39. LuvSock For Male Iguana

In the breeding season, male iguanas become aggressive. Calm them down by making a luvsock toy. Follow this descriptive tutorial to know how to make this fantastic toy for your male iguana.

40. Elbow Patches

Old Socks Uses9

Bring your old sweaters back in style and fashion by adding some elbow patches. All you need is a little bit of hand sewing skills and old socks. However, make sure to cut the socks into even shapes.

41. Arm Warmers

Reuse your old socks as perfect arm warmers. Take the inspiration from this instructive step-by-step tutorial to make funky and cozy arm warmers.

42. Sock Snowman

Sock Snowman

Transform the old mismatched socks into a snowman for Christmas decorations. Head on this detailed article to master the art of making a sock snowman.

43. Homemade Sock Scarf

Take a couple of different colored old socks and simply trim them into tubes. Then, sew all of them together correctly. To give them a funky look, you can sew a couple of pompoms at the end of the scarf.

44. No-Sew Ear Warmer

This quick life hack not only gives you a trendy look all winter long but also makes your ear warm as well. For this, you only need an old long soccer sock. But if you have a standard size sock, then sew two socks together.

45. Warmer Mittens

Warmer Mittens

To get an extra layer of warmth, wear old clean socks on both of your hands before using the mittens. Try this hack, and you will never regret it.

46. DIY Sock Wreath

Transform your old or damaged socks into lovely decorative wreaths, for trying this DIY sock wreath idea, head on this instructive tutorial for more info.

47. Wrap Wine Bottles

Old Socks Uses10

Give a funky look to the wine bottles with a little help from old winter pattern socks. Cover the bottle with a sock and secure it with a ribbon from the top. Now, gift it to your near and dear ones.

48. Reusable Baby Wipes

Make your own cost-effective reusable baby wipes at home, thanks to the versatile socks. Take a pair, cut them into the size of rags, and you are good to go.

49. DIY Draft Stoppers

DIY Draft Stoppers

Unwanted drafts coming from under the doors or window sills are the reason why your home turns chilly. Counter this issue by making homemade draft stoppers with old socks and a few things. Check out this detailed article to learn about the hack.

50. Baby Sock Rattle

Instead of throwing your baby’s old socks, reuse them to make an adorable sock rattle for your little one. Read on this informative article to know more about this fun craft project.

51. Sock Monkey

Old Socks Uses11

Your children are going to love this cute sock monkey toy. With a pair of old socks, scissors, and stuffing, you can make one for your little ones easily. See the full instructions here.

52. DIY Chia Pet

Don’t bother to buy the costly chia pet, when you make them easily at home. DIY your chia pet using old socks, seeds, and a handful of dirt. Take inspiration from this tutorial.

53. Pin Cushion

Pin Cushion

Arrange your pins or needles by making a custom pin cushion. With the help of an old sock and a couple of other things, you can prepare it right away. Head on this article to know how to make one instantly.

54. Hacky Sack

If you are a hacky sack fan, then create your training equipment using an old sock and uncooked rice. Check out the step-by-step instructive article for more info.

55. DIY Sock Workout Armband

DIY Sock Workout Armband

Convert the old tube socks into a very comfy armband that holds your phone during the workout sessions. Look out this tutorial to make one for yourself.

56. Wrist Rests

Working on a laptop for a more extended period causes a lot of problems, especially for your wrists. Avoid the risks using wrist rests made up out of old socks. Here is the complete DIY.

57. As a Weapon

Reuse the old socks to make a weapon for your self-protection. This hack comes in handy when the situation becomes quite messy. Fill a sock with coins, nut, bolts, and other heavy metal objects. Whenever you are in danger, just swing it and call the cops.

58. DIY Barbie Doll Clothes

Old Socks Uses12

Kids love to play with barbie dolls & their clothes. Make handmade barbie doll clothes at home using old socks that your little one is going to love. Watch this video for the tutorial.

59. Sock Animals

You can make a variety of animal toys from your old mismatched socks. Read on this article to make different kinds of sock animals for your kids and yourself.

60. Sock Santa Claus

Sock Santa Claus

Santa is a very important figurine in Christmas decorations. All you have to do is watch this DIY video to make a Santa Claus from old socks.

61. Can Koozie

Make your custom can koozie with an old sock to safely hold the cold or warm pop cans, coffee mugs, and beverages. For this hack, take a sock and cut its foot part. Then, wrap the desired drink properly.

62. Vacuum Lost Small Items

Finding a lost item in a shaggy rug or under the furniture is a cumbersome task, especially if its a small one. Try this sock hack to do this job quickly and hassle-free.

63. Jump Rope

Making jump rope out of the old socks is one of the easiest sock hacks. However, you will need a bunch of socks for this task. First, cut the feet of the socks and sew them together, until you have a long jump rope.

64. Foot & Back Roller

Transform your old waste socks into a handy foot and back roller. Simply, place 4-5 balls inside the socks and secure with a knot.

65. Cover Bottles

Cover Bottles

Sometimes, bottles in the kitchen become sticky or unwantedly coated with grime. Prevent them from getting gross with the help of an old pair of socks to cover the bottles.

66. Cell Phone Sock Case

A cell phone case protects your device and gives a funky look as well. Create your own using a sock and a little bit of sewing and this video.

67. Dry Hands Cover

Dry Hands Cover

People with dehydrated hands can get benefit by applying lotion overnight. But to keep the lotion intact for the whole night, put on an old sock on your hand.

68. Spigot Insulator/Protector

Protect the outdoor spigot during the winter season using the old socks. Cover the spigot with multiple socks and secure appropriately with twine.

69. Protect Doorknobs & Faucets

While painting the walls, precautions are necessary to prevent the paint drip from falling on the doorknobs & faucets. For this, old socks are an on-the-go solution that can do the trick.

70. DIY Bean Bags

Old Socks Uses13

Making cute bean bags from worn-out socks is an excellent idea. Old socks, sewing machine, card stock, and scissors are required to create one.  Read on this informative article to know the how-to.

71. As a Sponge

In comparison to the above hacks, this one is pretty simple, as you don’t need to do sewing or anything else. Keep 1 or 2 old socks with your motorbike or bicycle to wipe when they get wet due to rainwater.

72. Hobby Horse

Hobby Horse

Kids love to play with the hobby horse, but no need to purchase one when you can make it easily at home using this tutorial. All you need is some worn-out socks and sewing skills.

73. Cute Coin Purse

Turn the old baby socks into cute and functional coin purses. The best part is that you can personalize it using different colored and printed socks. Head on this detailed article for more info.

74. Sock Ball

Sock Ball

Surprise your kid on this birthday by gifting him or her a homemade sock ball. Check out this instructive tutorial to make one for your little one.

75. Easy Sock Doggie Scarf

Just like humans, dogs also need warmth during the winter season. Make a scarf for your little furry friend by following this easy DIY.

76. Stocking Ornaments

Stocking Ornaments

This Christmas, reuse your old socks into beautifully crafted stocking ornaments with a couple of stitches and stuffing. Take inspiration from this well-detailed article.

77. DIY Sock Pumpkins

Give your house a seasonal lift during fall and winter by decorating it with sock pumpkins. Go through this tutorial to learn how to make pumpkins using worn-out socks.

78. Jewelry Case

Old Socks Uses14

Rather than buying a jewelry case, use your old socks to create a beautiful one. For this, cut a sock into half from the heel part, and then stitch the leftover tube’s open-end properly. This case organizes your jewelry and probably works against thieves as well.

79. Manages Wrapping Paper Rolls

Old socks are the perfect means to manage a bunch of wrapping papers. Simply trim the cuff portion of your sock and place it on the wrapping paper rolls to do the trick.

80. Organize Cords

A sock is an excellent handy solution to organize the messy cords. To do this hack, trim the cuff part from a sock and use it to hold the loose electrical cords.

81. Guide Your Plants

With a sock and scissor, you can guide your growing plants, especially vine ones. Simply trim the socks into strips to tie the plants to the stakes.

82. Fix a Squeaky BedFix a Squeaky Bed

If you are annoyed by the squeaking sound of your bed, then use old mismatched socks to solve this issue. Head on this DIY to know how to do this hack.

83. Umbrella Holder

Turn your worn-out sock into an umbrella holder. This hack not only manages your wet umbrella but also keep your car dry as well.

84. Hair Tie

Hair Tie

Are you out of scrunchies? Then, take a used sock and trim its cuff. After that, use it as a scrunchie to tie your lovely hair.

85. Overnight Curls

Without waking up early in the morning, you can curl your hair overnight with the help of a pair of old socks. All you have to do is follow this DIY.

86. Pan Handle Cover

Putting old socks over the handle of the saucepan not only protects your hand from heat but also stops the handle from getting sticky.

87. Open Stubborn Jars

Old Socks Uses15

If you’re not able to open the tight cap of the jars, then you can use old socks. Use a worn-out sock as a grip to open it without any hassle.

88. DIY No-Sew Fingerless Gloves

Watch this instructional video to make your fingerless gloves using a pair of old mismatched socks. The best part is that you can modify the gloves as you desire.

89. Sleep Mask

Sleep Mask

For preparing a sleep mask, you will require socks, a strip of elastic, and flat backing fabric. Read this article to know the full how-to.

90. Boot Stands

While storing the tall boots in the closet, they often fall over. Counter this problem by adding newspapers into two tall socks. Then, place them into the boots.

91. Make Shoes Last Longer

Make Shoes Last Longer

Retain the shape and look of your shoes longer, using a couple of socks. Place a sock inside another one and make a ball. Repeat this procedure to create another one. Then, put the balls inside the shoes when you are not wearing them.

92. DIY Boot Topper

If you don’t want to knit, crochet, or spend bucks for boot toppers, then you can make your own using socks in a flash. Look at its full tutorial here.

93. Clean Houseplants

Old Socks Uses16

Make a dusting mitt for your favorite houseplants. All you have to do is wear a sock on your hand and dampen it to eliminate dust & debris from the houseplants.

94. Braided Bath Mat

Take your crafty-ness to a whole new level by making braided bath mat from a bunch of socks. It’s one of the most amazing old socks uses.

95. Stop Shedding

Socks are the on-the-go solution to remove excess hair from your pets during the shedding season. First, put on a damp sock over your hand and groom your pets gently.

96. DIY Pet Bed

DIY Pet Bed

Use your crafting skills to make cute and useful tiny pet bed with worn-out fluffy socks. Follow this tutorial for more details. This bed is perfect for both kitties and small dogs.

97. Hamster Sleeping Bag

After crafting beds and toys for your dogs or cats, don’t forget your adorable hamster. Make a sleeping bag for the little one with the help of this DIY video.

98. Prolong Cold Water

During hiking or a day trip on sunny days, if you wish to keep the water bottle chilled longer, then use socks. Cover the water botter with an old sock to do the trick.

99. Handmade Indoor SnowballsHandmade Indoor Snowballs

Why wait for the winter season to do the snowball fight? Make a lot of stuffed snowballs at home with the help of socks, some stuffing material, and threads. Details are here.

100. DIY Baby Socks

Nothing is more joyful than involving yourself in parenting activities, especially if you’re a new parent. Craft socks for your little one, you only require an old adult sock. Go through this DIY for more info.


After reading the above numerous old socks uses, you’ll get to know how much they are useful in our daily chores. Besides, if you are a fan of crochet, then check out this article. Leave your valuable suggestions and queries in the comments section below.

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