Inspired by West Elm Metal Flower Arrangers

Inspired by west elm metal flower arrangers, this frugal DIY is an amazing Pinterest-worthy display for your abode!

This is a little different than most of my Inspired By posts! Instead of replicating the product on a dime, I want to make my own Inspired by West Elm Metal Flower Arrangers.

I personally love the look of wood and metal. That’s why I decided instead of a vase shape, I would combine my metal wire with a slab of reclaimed wood. I simply took my wire and created two small circular openings to display my dried flowers. Then wrapped a wire around the wood and secured it on the other side by twisting together the remaining wire. I love the simplicity and frugalness of this DIY!

I can now display my dried flowers in a creative way (but you can showcase fresh flowers as well.). There’s something so pretty about dried flowers and my favorite happens to be baby’s breath. I’m sure you’ve seen me use it a few times in previous posts! I also LOVE the original West Elm version of the metal flower arrangers and am tempted to purchase one of them for our home! They really aren’t that expensive at all and I find them so unique! But I decided to make my own version only for my lovely readers so you can complete this project without any hassle.

This fun DIY is truly simple and you can make them in no time. You can use a larger slab of wood and multiple wires for flowers as a bigger statement or keep it small to add a simple touch of elegance to your home or office interior!

What do you think of this inspired by DIY? Don’t you love west elm’s metal flower arrangers!

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