DIY Creepy Wire Trees

There is something about the black wire that suits this season so well! It’s quite dark and mysterious stuff! I’ve had a lot of fun making my Wire Pumpkins this year for Halloween, so I decided to create these creepy wire trees to add to the rest of my decor!

I simply started with a long strand of wire. I created a circle, which would become my base. I wrapped wire on the end to secure the base. I then took the remaining wire and pulled it straight up and folded it in half. I twisted it until it became a thick wire. I then took two separate pieces of wire and twisted it to the top of my tree and bent it to resemble branches. Repeat for second tree!

I added some moss to create little nests, as well as a perched bird. I also added little festive “boo” and “eek” banners! The trees turned out spindly and perfect! Something I would expect to see during this Halloween season.

It doesn’t need to cost a fortune to create fun festive decor for the home! This wire is so easy to come across,  you can get it anywhere from a craft store to the dollar store! You can even create these trees in gold, copper, and silver if you prefer!

There you have it, a fun weekend project! What do you think?!

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