Triangle Confetti

Learn how to make triangle confetti with a triangle puncher and paint chips in this short yet informative tutorial!

Triangle Confetti

Triangle Confetti

Triangle Confetti can be done easily with the help of tutorials. I can understand that you must be curious about how to do as many of you must be trying it for the first time. But take a deep breath, is very easy and simple with the help of the below-mentioned guiding directions. You have to follow them obediently and you will manage to accomplish this well.

Things You’ll Need

  • Triangle Puncher
  • Lots of Paint Chips

Directions of use

I thought I would sneak in one more DIY using fun triangles!! This one is super SUPER easy! Simply take your fancy triangle puncher, grab those paint chips in the colors you love, and punch away! These would be great for any party or holiday! I stuck with my ombre green and black theme to keep it a bit modern!

Triangle Confetti 2

This triangle confetti looks great on our coffee table, but you could put it anywhere throughout your home! I think I might be doing this for our next birthday party too! It’s just so fun!

Triangle Confetti 3

St. Patrick’s Day is less than a week away! All of you should try this triangle confetti on the occasion of this special day. I’ve shared some very simple and modern ways you can add a touch of green to your home this coming holiday! Be sure to check out the Triangle Garland to complete the look!

I am feeling very excited and crazy about making use of it. I am unable to stop myself to see how it will look on the dining table or any other serving purpose. Though I have already tried it on a coffee table. It was looking great. What do you think of taking this approach for holidays you aren’t too crazy about?

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