21 Best Indoor Cascading Plants for Home

Grow these Best Indoor Cascading Plants for Home and liven up your monotonous living space with a dash of greenery!

Beautify your abode with these Best Indoor Cascading Plants for Home that dangle down with style. They are great for hanging baskets, plant stands, tables, and shelves.

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Best Indoor Cascading Plants for Home

1. Creeping Jenny


Botanical Name-  Lysimachia nummularia

Grown for its leaves and blooms, this perennial cascading houseplant looks impressive in hanging baskets.

2. String of Turtles

Botanical Name- Peperomia prostrata

This cascading peperomia variety features juicy button-shaped foliage. Its leaves have a shell-like pattern that looks identical to a turtle’s back.

3. Pothos

Botanical Name- Epipremnum aureum

The pointy, heart-shaped foliage of pothos cascade fabulously in hanging containers indoors. Keep this plant away from your cats and dogs, as it’s toxic for them.

4. String of Dolphins


Botanical Name- Curio × peregrinus

A cross of candle plant and string of pearls, the foliage of this stunning succulent looks similar to dolphins hence the name. It requires an arid, well-draining potting medium.

5. String of Bananas


Botanical Name- Senecio radicans

The banana-like foliage of this plant makes it an excellent hanging green specimen for homes and offices.

6. String of Hearts

Botanical Name- Ceropegia woodii

Do you want an easy-to-care-for and eye-catching houseplant? This drought-tolerant, cascading beauty with heart-shaped variegated foliage is for you.

7. Christmas Cactus

Botanical Name- Schlumbergera

Also known as the holiday cactus, this succulent is loved for its colorful blossoms and uniquely shaped flattened foliage. It’s one of the best indoor cascading plants for the home.

8. Beetle Peperomia


Botanical Name-  Peperomia quadrangularis

Bring greenery indoors with this charming foliar specimen. Its dark green leaves look graceful in hanging baskets.

9. Lipstick Plant


Botanical Name- Aeschynanthus radicans

Nothing brightens up the room like the tropical lipstick plant. Its waxy leaves and vivid red blooms create a sight to behold.

10. Burro’s Tail


Botanical Name- Sedum morganianum

Endemic to Honduras and Mexico, the fleshy, lush foliage of the burro’s tail succulent goes well with every home interior.

11. Spider Plant

Botanical Name- Chlorophytum comosum

Spider plants not only spruce up the visual appeal but also remove indoor air pollutants.

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12. Ruby Cascade Peperomia


Botanical Name- Peperomia ‘Ruby Cascade’

Introduce ruby cascade peperomia indoors and give your space an Instagram-worthy focal point. It has coin-like green leaves with purplish undersides.

13. Boston Fern

Botanical Name- Nephrolepis exaltata

Admired by gardeners for its sword-like evergreen fronds, the Boston fern is an easy-to-care-for houseplant. It favors bright, indirect light for the best growth.

14. Monkey’s Tail


Botanical Name- Cleistocactus colademononis

Grow the monkey’s tail houseplant to make your home decor stand out. The long trailing stems with white hairy spines give this plant a one-of-a-kind look.

15. Dichondra Silver Falls

Botanical Name- Dichondra argentea

Elegant and attention-grabbing, this herbaceous perennial rewards you with silvery pale-green trailing foliage. It’s one of the most amazing indoor cascading plants for the home.

16. String of Beads


Botanical Name- Senecio rowleyanus

The tiny pea-shaped leaves make this gorgeous cascading succulent a must-have ornamental houseplant.

17. Wax Plant


Botanical Name- Hoya linearis

Unlike other types of hoya, the foliages of hoya linearis are linear, soft, and a bit hairy. Grow it in a hanging planter to create an interesting display.

18. Million Hearts

Botanical Name- Dischidia ruscifolia

This epiphyte is prized for its heart-shaped leaves and small white flowers on trailing stems.

19. Fung Wax Flower

Botanical Name- Hoya Curtisii

This slow-growing and undemanding creeping vine has beautiful variegated leaves. It’s a perfect cascading houseplant.

20. Heartleaf Philodendron

Botanical Name- Philodendron hederaceum

Include the picture-perfect heartleaf philodendron in your houseplant collection. This plant loves bright but indirect light indoors.

21. Rope Hoya


Botanical Name- Hoya Carnosa ‘Compacta’

The unique, curly leaves and pretty flowers make it a popular houseplant among gardeners. Add one in your living room to feel the difference.

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