50 Best Types of Hoya Varieties to Grow Indoors | List of Hoya Species

Check out the Best Types of Hoya Varieties to Grow Indoors and light up your interiors with their lush tropical vibes!

Here’re some Best Types of Hoya Varieties to Grow Indoors that look fantastic in pots and hanging baskets. Bring these colorful specimens indoors to enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal.

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Best Types of Hoya Varieties to Grow Indoors

1. Hoya carnosa


Commonly known as wax plant and porcelain flower, this vining houseplant is famous for its waxy foliage and star-shaped fragrant blooms.

2. Hoya kerrii


This hoya variety has thick, heart-shaped foliage and requires bright, indirect light or filtered sunlight to survive indoors.

3. Hoya krimson queen


This drought-tolerant plant is prized for its multi-hued leaves and lovely fragrant blossoms. Learn more about this plant here.

4. Hoya polyneura


This plant has thin leaves with understated dark veins. Hoya polyneura needs bright, indirect sunlight to thrive indoors.

5. Hoya obovata

Include this picture-perfect, Instagram-worthy hoya species in your houseplant collection. It has dark green oval foliage with silver dots.

6. Hoya australis ‘Lisa’


A variegated variant of ‘Hoya australis,’ this gorgeous houseplant is what you need to grow indoors for a dash of greenery.

7. Hoya curtisii

Popular as Fung Wax Flower, Hoya Aloha, and Tiny-leaf Porcelain, Hoya curtisii is a wonderful addition to an indoor garden.

8. Hoya pubicalyx


The deep green foliage and fragrant star-shaped flowers make this hoya variety an attractive ornamental plant.

9. Hoya bella


Adorned with scented white-purple blossoms, this low-maintenance plant is one of the best types of hoya varieties to grow indoors.

10. Hoya linearis


The skinny, soft, and hairy foliage of this species are different from other hoyas. Water this indoor plant only when the topsoil feels dry to the touch.

11. Hoya retusa


The green stick-like foliage makes this hoya an appealing houseplant. For best growth, plant it in well-draining soil.

12. Hoya chelsea


This beautiful evergreen climber only requires bright, indirect light to offer glossy, waxy leaves and attractive blooms.

13. Hoya compacta


The lush, curly leaves and lovely blossoms of this houseplant are responsible for its popularity among gardeners.

14. Hoya lacunosa


This topical hoya species is admired for its pleasant, sweet cinnamon-scented blooms. Add one to your bedroom and feel the difference.

15. Hoya sunrise

Hoya sunrise is an elegant evergreen plant with green leaves that turns red under the sun, making it even more appealing. Make sure to avoid overwatering this plant.

16. Hoya wayetii ‘Variegata’

Grow this drought-tolerant hoya variety to give your home a stunning green focal point. It can be trained on small trellises or pruned to keep it small.

17. Hoya macrophylla

Brighten up your room with this hoya climber featuring green foliage with yellow edges and groups of star-shaped, pink-tinted dainty flowers.

18. Hoya mathilde

The tiny silver specks on the leaves are the major highlight of this vining epiphytic plant. It looks amazing on a balcony or porch.

19. Hoya callistophylla

Looks excellent in hanging baskets or with climbing support, this hoya variety has less watering requirement. It can grow both indoors and outdoors.

20. Hoya kentiana

With no prominent veins in the leaves, this cool-looking hoya species requires 2-3 hours of direct morning sunlight.

21. Hoya pachyclada


Hoya pachyclada is an indoor plant with thick green foliage and ball-shaped glossy white blossoms. It’s admired for its exotic look.

22. Hoya serpens

This small trailing vine with perfectly round leaves and gorgeous flowers can spice up any dull corner of your home, patio, porch, or garden.

23. Hoya bilobata


Hoya bilobata is another excellent ornamental plant to grow indoors, thanks to its shiny green leaves and tiny red flowers.

24. Hoya burtoniae


With its aromatic blooms and stunning appearance, this hoya species looks adorable in the hanging containers.

25. Hoya cumingiana


While growing this cultivar indoors, let the soil dry between the watering sessions to avoid root rot. The blooms of this plant emit a mango-like scent.

26. Hoya nummulariodes


Display this gorgeous houseplant on the tabletop to turn the space from bland to more appealing. Avoid overwatering and direct sunlight.

27. Hoya shepherdii

This hoya showcases elongated vibrant foliage and aromatic flowers. It’ll look mesmerizing on the windowsill.

28. Hoya finlaysonii


The unique vein pattern of its leaves makes this houseplant stand out from the rest of the species. It’s one of the most amazing hoya varieties to grow indoors.

29. Hoya krohniana

If you want a statement-making houseplant, this ‘Hoya krohniana’ plant with splashed leaves and pink-white flowers is the right choice.

30. Hoya rebecca

Perfect for growing in hanging baskets, this cute hoya variety easily adapts to bright, indirect lighting conditions.

31. Hoya rotundiflora


This hoya type is prized for its dark green oblong leaves. It needs a well-draining planter, fertile potting mix, and bright, indirect sunlight.

32. Hoya sigillatis

Flourishes in medium to bright light and well-draining growing medium, Hoya sigillatis is a rewarding plant because of its fleshy leaves with white markings.

33. Hoya fitchii


Native to the Philippines, this hoya plant is easy to grow and care for. It needs water when the topsoil feels dry to the touch.

34. Hoya memoria (Gracilis)

Hoya memoria is perfect for adding interest and charm to any garden or home because of its waxy dark green, oval foliage.

35. Hoya coronaria

This hoya species loves moist soil, partial sunlight, and moderate humidity. It is one of the most popular hoyas you can grow today.

36. Hoya meredithii


The Hoya meredithii is a popular choice among gardeners because of the dark green veins on greenish leaves.

37. Hoya diversifolia


The foliage of this hoya plant is fleshy, round, broadly elliptic, or obovate greenish. It’s a must-have houseplant for the indoor garden.

38. Hoya mindorensis

Complete your small balcony garden with this low maintenance and constant blooming Hoya mindorensis vining plant.

39. Hoya multiflora


It’s undoubtedly the most-attractive hoya variety on this list, thanks to its blooms that look like shooting stars.

40. Hoya affinis

The bright and pleasant ‘Hoya affinis’ has star-shaped red-colored flowers. It prefers a moist and well-draining potting medium.

41. Hoya acuta ‘Variegata’


Its oblong green and cream-colored thick foliage make this a unique hoya plant. Like other varieties, this beautiful plant also needs bright, indirect light.

42. Hoya pauciflora


The white fragrant blooms of this plant are rewarding and look interesting. It can survive under artificial light as well.

43. Hoya odorata


With thin, small pointed waxy bright green foliage and white blooms, this pretty plant enjoys well-drained, potting medium and occasional watering.

44. Hoya merrillii


This gorgeous variety is rewarding because of its lovely foliage, frequent blooms, and easy growth habit. It appreciates higher humidity.

45. Hoya brevialata


This tropical beauty has cupped leaves with caramel-like scented blooms having red centers. It’s an excellent houseplant for indoors.

46. Hoya latifolia


Grow this hoya indoors to give your apartment an attention-grabbing specimen. It has big, almost round-shaped, glossy foliage.

47. Hoya macgillivrayi


This hoya variety is a fast-growing evergreen climber with oval, light green leaves, and burgundy-colored blooms.

48. Hoya globulosa


Hoya globulosa is a magnificent plant featuring fascinating paddle-shaped patterned foliage with dark green veins and radiant white blooms.

49. Hoya lauterbachii


This hoya is a robust climber with fuzzy green foliage which makes it an admirable houseplant among gardeners. It loves bright, diffused sunlight.

50. Hoya megalaster


Hoya megalaster looks dazzling, thanks to its lovely blossoms and equally gorgeous waxy-textured foliage. You can consider this plant to grow indoors.

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