22 Best Hawaiian Flowers | List of Hawaiian Flowers

Are you looking for lush, colorful flowering plants that add a tropical flair to your home and gardens? Grow these Best Hawaiian Flowers!

 Hawaiian blossoms are well-known for their bright color and pleasing aroma. Check out these Best Hawaiian Flowers to turn your dull space into a lovely tropical paradise with a burst of vivid hues.

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Best Hawaiian Flowers

1. Red Ginger

Best Hawaiian Flowers 1

Botanical Name- Alpinia purpurata

This ornamental plant is valued for its striking red floral bracts and white blooms. It loves moist and fertile soil with good drainage.

2. Passion Fruit Flower

Best Hawaiian Flowers 2

Botanical Name- Passiflora edulis

Prized for its attractive distinctly-shaped blooms and edible fruits, this passion flower variety favors a well-drained potting mix and full to partial shade.

3. Kahili Ginger

Best Hawaiian Flowers 3
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Botanical Name- Hedychium gardnerianum

Brighten up your home or garden with picture-perfect yellow blossoms of kahili ginger. It’s one of the best Hawaiian flowers to choose from.

4. King Protea

Best Hawaiian Flowers 4

Botanical Name- Protea cynaroides

Grow king protea to make your garden stand out in the neighborhood. It offers artichoke-like blooms with multicolored floral bracts.

5. Anthurium

Best Hawaiian Flowers 5

Botanical Name- Anthurium andraeanum

Adds colorful, cheery vibes indoors with the showy heart-shaped flowers of anthuriums. Water this plant regularly but avoid overwatering.

6. White Frangipani

shutterstock/SARIN KUNTHONG

Botanical Name- Plumeria alba

Plumeria is admired for its highly aromatic, five-petaled flowers and evergreen leaves. Grow this beauty outdoors for a terrific display.

7. Naupaka


Botanical Name- Scaevola taccada

Also known as half flower, this drought-tolerant plant showcases aromatic, white blossoms that look identical to a fan.

8. Ohia Lehua

shutterstock/Hawaii based

Botanical Name- Metrosideros polymorpha

Ohia lehua shows off eye-catching flowers with bright red stamens. This plant does best in boggy or basalt soil and high humidity.

9. Birds of Paradise

shutterstock/PeopleImages.com – Yuri A

Botanical Name- Strelitzia reginae

Ideal for indoors and outdoors, the bird of paradise has long, leathery foliage with stunning blooms on the boat-like bract.

10. Ilima

Botanical Name- Sida fallax

This herbaceous flowering plant produces a gorgeous display of five-petalled blooms in yellow to orange hue. It blooms throughout the year.

11. Pikake

Botanical Name- Jasminum sambac

The cream or chalk-white blossoms of pikake make it one of the best Hawaiian flowers on this list.

12. Hawaiian Hibiscus

Botanical Name- Hibiscus brackenridgei

Highlighted by lovely yellow-colored flowers with a maroon center, Hawaiian hibiscus is the state flower of Hawaii.

13. Lobster Claw

shutterstock/Tran Thu Hang

Botanical Name- Heliconia rostrata

Grow lobster claw to enhance the visual interest of your garden. It produces banana-like leathery leaves and tiny flowers covered by bright multicolored bracts.

14. Nānū


Botanical Name- Gardenia brighamii

Native to Hawaii, the gardenia brighamii plant features shiny dark green foliage and white blooms with six lobes.

15. Oahu Riverhemp

Botanical Name- Sesbania tomentosa

Loved by gardeners for its unique appearance, the Ohau riverhamp flower is a sight to behold.

16. Hawaiian Red Cranesbill


Botanical Name- Geranium arboreum

Indigenous to Hawaii, this endangered geranium species offers attention-grabby red or magenta flowers.

17. Pua ʻala


Botanical Name- Brighamia rockii

The trumpet-shaped white blossoms and oval leaves make this flowering plant a stunning green specimen.

18. Cosmosflower Beggarticks


Botanical Name- Bidens cosmoides

Cosmosflower beggarticks is local to the island of Kauaʻi in Hawaii. It bears large spectacular yellow flowers with bell-shaped daisy-like petals.

19. Māmane

Botanical Name- Sophora chrysophylla

Sophora chrysophylla is a flowering plant with a cluster of yellow blossoms. It produces lovely flowers in winter and spring.

20. Kanawao


Botanical Name- Broussaisia arguta

Belongs to the hydrangea family, the perennial kanawao plant rewards you with finely-serrated leaves and flowers with curled petals.

21. False ‘ohe


Botanical Name- Polyscias racemosa

The small, pale yellow blooms hanging on a stout, hanging stalk make this Hawaiian plant an ideal focal point for the garden.

22. Hawaii Palm


Botanical Name- Brighamia insignia

Liven up your living room with the fragrant yellowish flowers and magnificent green leaves of Hawaii palm. Avoid keeping this plant in bright sunlight.

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