Can Bed Bugs Live in Your Hair

Can Bed Bugs Live in Your Hair? If this concerns you, we have the solution to your query in this informative guide below!

Can Bed Bugs Live In Your Hair 1

Bed bugs are tiny, flattened body nocturnal insects that love to feast on human blood. These parasites burrow deep in the beddings and mattresses, hence the name. Bed, appliances, floorboards, beddings, and clothes are some usual habitats of these parasites but Can Bed Bugs Live In Your Hair? Let’s find out.

How to Spot Bed Bugs Infestation?

Watch out for the below signs in your home to spot bed bugs infestation.

  • Dried blood on garments, mattresses, pillow covers, and bed sheets.
  • Presence of alive bugs.
  • Bits and pieces of broken eggshells, nymphs shed skin, dead bed bugs, and bed bugs poop on beddings, apparel, linens, sockets, and wallpaper.
  • Sightings of red and inflated bites on the skin.

Can Bed Bugs Live In Your Hair?

Can Bed Bugs Live In Your Hair 2

“No” because bed bugs prefer to live in dark, secluded spaces, and their physical anatomy doesn’t let them stick on hair. Furthermore, they prefer to feed on dormant hosts, so they don’t linger on strands. But it doesn’t mean these insects can’t bite on your scalp; they surely do while you’re sleeping.

Home Remedies to Eliminate Bed Bugs

Can Bed Bugs Live In Your Hair 3

Below are some chemical-free, natural home remedies to eliminate mild bed bug infestation once and for all.

  • Diatomaceous Earth- Kill bed bugs by dehydrating their exoskeleton using the tiny abrasive particles of diatomaceous earth. Scatter this powdery substance in the holes, gaps, crevices, and below the kitchen appliances to get the job done.
  • Lavender Essential Oil- To keep bed bugs out of sight, use lavender essential oil. However, this oil only repels them because of its pungent odor that bed bugs hate.
  • Peppermint Essential Oil- Another repellent that irritates these troublemaking insects is peppermint oil. Make a spray out of this essential oil using this tutorial.
  • Citronella Oil Spray- Citronella oil repels and exterminates bed bugs. Prepare a spray of 15-20 drops of citronella oil and 1/2 cup of tepid water into a bottle. Spritz it on the baseboards, carpets, bed frames, linens, and other bed bugs harboring places.
  • Wash and Dry Everything- Washing is the easiest and most effective hack to eliminate bed bugs. Toss the launderable items with bleach in the washer and run it at the highest temperature. Next, dry them for 15-20 minutes.

Important Safety Precautions

Before using the above bed bug removal hacks, follow these safety precautions carefully.

  • Wear superior quality hand gloves, a face mask, and safety goggles.
  • Instruct your children, elderly, and pets to maintain a safe distance from the treated area.
  • The above remedies are best against mild infestations, but hiring an exterminator is strongly recommended for severe ones.
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