8 Unbelievable Cherry Stems Health Benefits

Throwing away the cherry stems may not be a good idea as the stems just like the fruit are beneficial for your health! Read the cherry stems health benefits here.

Cherries are one of the most lovable fruits enjoyed by people all over the world. Ranging from bright to dark red, this small fruit is quite addictive. It has that perfect sweet and sour balance and is usually used in desserts. Cherries contain an abundance of antioxidants, have anti-inflammatory properties along with other benefits. However, cherry stems health benefits are not widely known, they should not be thrown away as it is quite beneficial for all of us. It is the powerhouse of nutrients just like the cherry fruit. 

Cherry Stems Health Benefits

1. Detoxification

Cherry Stems Health Benefits1

Cherry stems are one of the ingredients which help in removing toxins from the body. Most of you may not be aware that you can include cherry stems in the detoxification routine and get all the toxins out of your body. The amount of antioxidants present in cherry stem cleanses the body very well.

2. Prevention of Kidney Stones

Prevention Of Kidney Stones

As mentioned earlier, cherry stems have an anti-inflammatory property which purifies the kidneys and prevents the formation of kidney stones. It also has certain volatile compounds and potassium salts which makes the kidney healthier and function better.

3. Beneficial for Gout Patients

Cherry Stems Health Benefits2

Cherry stems are very useful for treating Gout and Rheumatism. These diseases weaken the joints, ligaments and cause severe pain. The anti-inflammatory property along with the flavonoids strengthens the joints, tendons, ligaments, and muscles which treat gout and rheumatism.

4. Manages Cholesterol Level

Manages Cholesterol Level

If you have high cholesterol then the cherry stem is a great solution. Having 1 or 2 cups of cherry stem tea every day lowers the cholesterol level very well.

5. Pain Reliever

Cherry Stems Health Benefits3

Most of us prefer taking an aspirin when the pain hits us badly. But, instead of going for such medicines you can always consume cherries as this will relieve the pain. The cherry stem also strengthens the nerves and gives a calming effect.

6. Prevention of Edema

Prevention of Edema

You can easily treat Edema using cherry stems. Edema in any part of the body is curable by this magical stem. Moreover, bloating during menstruation can also be healed with cherry stems.

7. Weight loss

Weight loss

Antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties and flavonoids present in cherry stem also help in reducing weight. It doesn’t only remove toxins but also fat from the body. It makes the bowel movement smoother and easier for those suffering from constipation. 

8. Treats Urinary Tract Infection

Cherry Stems Health Benefits4

UTI or Urinary Tract Infection is a very painful and common problem these days. Frequent urinating, pain while urination and bleeding in severe cases are common symptoms of this infection. However, the anti-septic properties present in cherry stems treat the infection and calms it down.

How to Consume Cherry Stem

Next time after the consumption of cherries, don’t throw the stems away. Dry them in the sun and store in an air-tight container. You can either make a powder from it or store it as it is.

Boil a glass of water and add 1 teaspoon of cherry stem powder or a few cherry stems. Add a pinch of cinnamon and boil for 5-6 minutes. Strain and consume when hot. Cherry stem tea has a fruity taste and smell. This detox tea has wonderful benefits and tastes good.

In case you don’t wish to use dry stems then go for fresh ones. Include them in salads, sandwiches, dips or consume one spoon with a glass of water. Create amazing recipes and stay healthy.

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