20 Clever Nerf Gun Storage Ideas | Nerf Gun Organizer Ideas

From wall-mounted organizers to custom-made solutions, these clever Nerf Gun Storage Ideas are easy to build!

Don’t know how to corral your large collection of toy guns? You’re at the right place. Organize them easily with these clever and affordable Nerf Gun Storage Ideas.

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Nerf Gun Storage Ideas

1. DIY Nerf Gun Storage Wall

Nerf Gun Storage Ideas 1

Built from pegboard, this wall is the perfect place to store all the Nerf guns and its accessories.

2. Wall-Mounted Nerf Gun Storage Shelf

Nerf Gun Storage Ideas 2

Keep all your Nerf gun organized and off the floor with this wall-mounted shelf. The construction process is here.

3. DIY Nerf Gun Storage Rack

Nerf Gun Storage Ideas 3

Tired of Nerf toys cluttering up the backyard? Make this easy DIY Nerf gun storage rack out of PVC pipe to hang them all in one place.

4. Wire Grid Nerf Gun Organizer

Nerf Gun Storage Ideas 4

Featuring a wire grid panel and an ammo basket, this organizer provides easy access to Nerf guns.

5. Nerf Gun MDF Wall Mounted Rack

Nerf Gun Storage Ideas 5

Display your collection of Nerf guns in style with this wall-mounted rack. The details are here.

6. Shoe Rack as Toy Storage

Nerf Gun Storage Ideas 6

You only need a shoe rack to put all your Nerf guns in order. This idea is best for those who don’t have enough wall and floor space to corral toys.

7. Use an Under the Bed Plastic Storage Bin

Use an Under the Bed Plastic Storage Bin

Manage your kiddo’s Nerf gun collection with ease using an under-the-bed plastic storage bin.

8. Easy Nerf Gun Storage Idea


Designed to fit seamlessly in any room, this storage solution keeps your guns accessible and home clutter-free.

9. Try Fabric Boxes

Nerf Gun Storage Ideas 10

Make the most out of your old fabric boxes by converting them into a nifty toy organizer. It’s one of the best Nerf gun storage ideas.

10. Repurpose Old Plastic Laundry Basket

Nerf Gun Storage Ideas 10

Modify your old laundry basket into a frugal toy organizer for stashing large Nerf guns.

11. Pvc Pipe Nerf Gun Holder

Nerf Gun Storage Ideas 11

Organize your blaster collection like a pro with this simple and budget-friendly PVC Pipe Nerf gun holder. Read the details here.

12. Nerf Guns On A Towel Rack

Nerf Gun Storage Ideas 12

Grab some S hooks to transform a towel rack into a cheap and simple Nerf gun organizer.

13. Nerf Gun Cabinet

Nerf Gun Storage Ideas 13

Need a place to store your Nerf blaster collection? This wooden cabinet is an excellent option.

14. Coat Rack Turned Nerf Gun Storage Solution

Coat Rack Turned Storage Solution

To copy this storage hack, adorn Nerf gun blasters with twine slings and hang them on the coat rack.

15. Metal Baskets

Metal Baskets

Do you have metal baskets handy? Utilize them to store your Nerf blasters. It’s one of the best Nerf gun storage ideas on this list.

16. DIY Secret Nerf Storage Wall

DIY Secret Nerf Storage Wall

This secret Nerf storage wall is made out of plywood, pegboard, some 20-inch drawer slides, and an old painting.

17. Slatboard Nerf Storage

Slatboard Storage

Take a slatboard, mount it on the wall using nails, and use some hooks to manage your Nerf gun blasters.

18. Rolling Nerf Foldout Storage Solution

Rolling Nerf Foldout Storage Solution

Conveniently roll your Nerf collection from room to room with this portable, sturdy, and foldable storage unit.

19. Plastic Buckets Toys Organizer

Plastic Buckets Toys Organizer

Here’s another one of the best Nerf gun storage ideas in which a plastic bucket is used to store toy guns.

20. Wine Rack Turned Nerf Gun Organizer

Wine Rack Turned Nerf Gun Organizer

Converting an old wine rack into a blasters holder is a great recycling project. It’s one of the great Nerf gun organizer ideas.

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