Colorful Geometric DIY Easter Eggs

DIY Easter Eggs 1

A while back I shared my version of Black and White Scandinavian-Inspired Easter Eggs. Today I’m back with the same concept, but with some fun colors! These Colorful Geometric Easter Eggs are sure to be a hit.

DIY Easter Eggs 2

Using the same white eggs from the craft store, I used the kids Crayola markers in assorted colors to create some of those clean designs. This year I am a big believer that less is more, so I stuck with basic shapes – leaving some as outlines and others filled in. I think they turned out great!

DIY Easter Eggs 3

They are perfect if you are a lover of color, but they are still minimal and trendy. I was trying to take a step in a new direction by getting away from the black and white and I am so glad I did! They still have that Scandinavian feel, but with pops of pink, purple, blue, green, turquoise, yellow and orange!

DIY Easter Eggs 4

What do you think?! Are you more a fan of black and white or color?

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