20+ Creative Christmas Ideas With Fish Bowl

Try out these Creative Christmas Ideas with Fish Bowl and level up the festive vibes without burning a hole in your pocket!

Fishbowls are the handiest resources to make merry yet budget-friendly DIY decoratives for the holiday fiesta. Here’s the list of Creative Christmas Ideas with Fish Bowl that you must check out!

Creative Christmas Ideas With Fish Bowl

1. Dollar Store Fish Bowl Grinch

Imitate this festive yet menacing grinch out of dollar store glass fishbowls and a few other supplies on a budget.

2. Mr. and Mrs. Snowman DIY

Watch this video to learn how to make an illuminating snowman couple from glass fish bowls — a true statement decoration.

3. Christmas Elf Snowman Fishbowl DIY

Put on your creative cap and transform the unused glass fishbowls into an adorable elf snowman for your Christmas decor.

4. DIY Christmas Nativity Fish Bowl

Creative Christmas Ideas With Fish Bowl 1

Paint a fishbowl with a Christmas nativity theme to celebrate the fiesta. It’s a tricky, time-consuming project but worth the effort.

5. Christmas Fish Bowl Centerpiece

Christmas Fish Bowl Centerpiece

A fishbowl filled with sparkling gold ornaments, topped with colorful ribbon and beaded floral stems, looks lit. It’s one of the most creative Christmas ideas with a fishbowl.

6. DIY Fishbowl Snow Globe

Creative Christmas Ideas With Fish Bowl 2

Perfect as a mantel decor, party favor, or holiday gift, this eye-catchy snow globe is an excellent mix of Christmas and winter vibes.

7. 3 Tier Winter Wonderland Fish Bowl Snowman

Make this Pinterest-worthy, 3 tier fishbowl snowman featuring a white scarf, white hat, and lovely sceneries for a winter wonderland feel.

8. Snowman Candle Holder

Snowman Candle Holder

Emit a cheerful and Christmassy glow to your living space with these snowman-themed candle holders made from fish bowls.

9. Winter Scene in a Fish Bowl

Creative Christmas Ideas With Fish Bowl 3

Turn a plain old fishbowl into a gorgeous Christmas decor by adorning it with a beautiful winter scene to attract a lot of eyeballs.

10. DIY Christmas Angel

Grab a trumpet glass, a small fishbowl, glitter wing ornament, white beads, and silver tinsels to mimic this glamorous Christmas angel.

11. Fish Bowl Rudolph The Reindeer

All you need are fishbowls, chocolate glitter, pom pom, ribbon, and a mini hat to create this loveable Christmas character.

12. DIY Fish Bowl Nutcracker

Craft this nutcracker out of fishbowls and a few other supplies, an attractive focal point for the holiday decor.

13. Light Up Glitter Snowman

Light Up Glitter Snowman

Here’s the tutorial to recreate this $5 cute, glowing glitter snowman that goes perfectly well with the rest of the home decor.

14. Fish Bowl Christmas Luminaries

Creative Christmas Ideas With Fish Bowl 4

Reusing fishbowls to DIY fancy Christmas luminaries is quite an ingenious idea. Simply line the sidewalk with the luminaries or use them as you desire.

15. Floating Candles in Fish Bowls

Floating Candles in Fish Bowls

Take some fish bowls and fill them with water, holly, and floating tealight candles to spice up the decor in a snap.

16. Fishbowl Christmas Centerpiece

Creative Christmas Ideas With Fish Bowl 5

With a fishbowl, Epsom salt, LED tealight, and pine cones, you can create an impressive, Christmas centerpiece.

17. Candy Swirl Christmas Centerpiece

Candy Swirl Christmas Centerpiece

Prettify your holiday table setting by creating this candy swirl centerpiece using a fishbowl, foam vase fillers, a small foam disc, and candy Christmas stems.

18. Elf in a Snow Globe

Creative Christmas Ideas With Fish Bowl 6

A cute little elf sitting in a fishbowl with tiny pine trees and faux snow makes a chic festive snow globe.

19. DIY Light Up Christmas Gnome

Head over to YouTube to create this striking and inexpensive gnome and jump into the Christmas spirit.

20. Santa Christmas Candy Jar

Santa Christmas Candy Jar

Repurpose an old fishbowl and clay pot into a sweet Santa-themed Christmas candy jar to present confectioneries with style.

21. DIY Light Up Penguin

Creative Christmas Ideas With Fish Bowl 7

Nothing looks more adorable and festive than this chic penguin. Read more about this Christmas decor here.

22. Christmas Fish Bowl Aquarium

Give your fishbowl aquarium a merry makeover with Christmas ornaments, a Santa hat, and cherry shrimps.

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