40+ DIY Bedside Table Ideas | Ridiculous Bedside Table Alternatives

Show off your creativity by crafting these brilliant DIY Bedside Table Ideas and enjoy some extra storage space with ease!

Take inspiration from these creative Bedside Table Ideas to bring elegance, style, and functionality to your bedroom space.

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Bedside Table Ideas

1. A Side Chair

Bedside Table Ideas 1

Give a vintage touch to your bedroom area by using an old chair as a bedside table.

2. DIY Nightstand With Hidden Drawer

Find out how to make a nightstand with a secret drawer compartment and epoxy inlay in this video tutorial.

3. Floating Nightstand DIY

Bedside Table Ideas 2

Gather pine boards, a miter box, measuring tape, glue, and other supplies to build this lovely floating nightstand.

4. Modern Two-Toned Bedside Table

Bedside Table Ideas 3

This step-by-step tutorial teaches how to build a modern two-toned nightstand. The design is geometric while the legs have a stained finish and the top portion is painted white.

5. DIY Suitcase Side Table

Bedside Table Ideas 4

All you need is a suitcase, four mid-century legs, four wood screws, and post screws to complete this project.

6. Stepladder Bedside Table

Bedside Table Ideas 5

Who knows, a stepladder can be used instead of a regular bedside table to display books, magazines, a night lamp, and other stuff.

7. Cheese Box Nightstand

Bedside Table Ideas 6

Attach casters below the cheese box to get an unusual nightstand that can spruce up your bedchamber’s appearance in no time.

8. DIY $10 Floating Nightstand

If you don’t want to give up your bedroom’s floor space, this $10 floating nightstand is the best choice.

9. Bedside Table with X-Shaped Legs

Bedside Table Ideas 7

Here’s the DIY to put together this full of charm bedside table featuring x-shaped legs.

10. Nightstand With Hairpin Legs

Bedside Table Ideas 8

To give your bedroom a mid-century feel, DIY this nightstand equipped with hairpin legs. It’s easy to build too. Read more here.

11. Cinder Blocks Nightstand

Bedside Table Ideas 9

To build this industrial-style nightstand, you need three concrete cinder blocks to complete the structure. The best part is you can store tiny stuff inside the blocks.

12. Rustic Crate Nightstand

Bedside Table Ideas 10

Rather than purchasing a bedside table, why not make one at home with wooden crates, wood stain, a paintbrush, and this DIY.

13. DIY Farmhouse Style Nightstand

Check out this video to assemble a farmhouse-style nightstand for your bedchamber.

14. Pallet Nightstand

Bedside Table Ideas 11

Hop to this instructable to convert a weathered big double pallet into a wonderful rustic nightstand.

15. Wooden Electrical Spool Bedside Table

Bedside Table Ideas 12

Spice up your bedchamber interior by turning a wooden electrical spool into an eye-catching bedside table.

16. Sliding Barn Door Bedside Table

Bedside Table Ideas 13

To make your bedside table stand out, adorn it with a sliding barn door. The instructions are here.

17. Barrel Turned Into Bedside Table

Bedside Table Ideas 14

If you have an old wine barrel, repurpose it to get a one-of-a-kind bedside table.

18. Mid-Century Nightstand

Bedside Table Ideas 15

You only need 2-3 hours and $40 to recreate this gorgeous nightstand for yourself. Read more here.

19. Old Drum Nightstand

Bedside Table Ideas 16

Give your old musical drum a new life by reusing it as a bedside table to add personality and a sense of uniqueness to your bedchamber.

20. Creative and Chic DIY Nightstand

Bedside Table Ideas 17

Turn an unused wooden table into a stylish and useful nightstand with these easy-to-follow instructions.

21. DIY Cardboard Box Bedside Table

Are you looking for an affordable yet fantastic bedside table? This cardboard box idea is for you.

22. Wine Boxes Bedside Table

Bedside Table Ideas 18

Make the most out of your empty wine crates by transforming them into a thrifty bedside table.

23. Rustic Square Bedside Table

Bedside Table Ideas 18

This rustic square bedside table is a perfect project to begin your DIY journey. It’s beginner-friendly and costs only $25.

24. Bedside Table Made of Books

Bedside Table Ideas 19

All you’ve to do is stack books on each other to get an inexpensive bedside table alternative.

25. Bar Cart Nightstand

Bedside Table Ideas 20

Grab an outdated bar cart, give it a nice coat of paint, and your nightstand is ready to serve its purpose.

26. Introduce Garden Stool

Bedside Table Ideas 21

Liven up your bedchamber by introducing the barrel-shaped ceramic garden stool as a bedside table.

27. DIY Decoupaged Night Stand

Bedside Table Ideas 22

If you want to give your old nightstand a quick makeover with mod podge and a gift wrap, go through this article.

28. Bedside Table Made of Art Magazines

Bedside Table Ideas 23

Made with art magazines and a wooden box, this modern bedside table is artsy and mesmerizing. Read more here.

29. Wicker Laundry Basket Nightstand

Bedside Table Ideas 24

Grab a gray wicker laundry basket and turn it upside down to get a textured nightstand — perfect for a less spacious bedroom.

30. DIY Julia Nightstand

Bedside Table Ideas 25

Get inspired by this tutorial and make a Julia nightstand to add character to your drab bedchamber.

31. DIY Mirrored Bedside Table

DIY Mirrored Bed side Table

With some modifications, you can easily transform a small dresser into a glamorous mirrored bedside table.

32. Scrap Bedside Table

Scrap Bed side Table

Made from an old bathroom cabinet, scrap drawer fronts, a laminated wood top, and pallet wood, this bedside companion is easy to build.

33. Try a Barstool

Try a Barstool

Don’t know how to DIY? No worries, simply place a barstool beside your bed and use it as a bedside table.

34. DIY Collapsible Bunk Bed Bedside Table

DIY Collapsible Bunk Bed Bed side Table

If you have a bunk or cabin bed in your home, installing a bedside table is not possible due to limited space. Solve the issue by making this collapsible bedside table.

35. Pedestal Bedside Table

Pedestal Bed side Table

This pedestal nightstand also doubles up as a sofa side table. The details are here.

36. DIY Curved Nightstand/Bedside Table

Watch this video tutorial to recreate a stylish curved nightstand using wood glue, screws, plywood, and some tools.

37. Coffee Table as Bedside Table

Coffee Table as Bed side Table

Utilizing a coffee table as a nightstand is a genius idea. It’s one of the most brilliant bedside table alternatives on this list.

38. Build A Bookshelf Nightstand

Build A Bookshelf Nightstand

A bookshelf nightstand that lets you hold stuffed toys, books, and a night lamp is the perfect furniture for your kid’s bedroom.

39. DIY Nightstand for Tiny Spaces

DIY Nightstand for Tiny Spaces

Do you need a nightstand that fits easily in your less spacious bedchamber? Consider making this nightstand for those hard-to-fill spaces.

40. Stacked Vintage Suitcase Nightstand

Stacked Vintage Suitcase Nightstand

All you need are some vintage suitcases and a wooden crate to mimic this peculiar nightstand.

41. Nightstand with Built-in Wireless Charging

This DIY modern bedside table/nightstand features a hidden wireless charger and a cable management system in the back.

42. DIY Plywood Bedside Table

DIY Plywood Nightstand

This blogger shows how you can build a perfect bedside table out of plywood. It’s one of the most amazing bedside table ideas to take inspiration from.

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