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If you are into macrame and want to include it in your bedroom, here are some DIY macrame headboard ideas to make your bed look aesthetically pleasing!

Macramé is a trendy crafting technique of knotting macrame cords in unique ways to create phenomenal wall hangings, plant holders, hanging chairs, headboards, feathers, keychains, necklaces, earrings, and lots of decorative and useful items. As traditional headboards are costly, people are moving to macrame because it’s pretty easy and cheap to make headboards out of it. If you, too, want to give this crafting technique a try, take inspiration from these fantastic DIY macrame headboard ideas to personalize your bedroom.

DIY Macrame Headboard Ideas

1. DIY Boho Macramé Headboard

Give your boho bedroom decor a bold focal point with this gorgeous headboard made straight out of intricately woven macramé cords.

2. Beginner Macramé Headboard Idea

Watch this easy-to-follow video tutorial to make a lit macrame headboard quickly and effortlessly. This DIY is beginner-friendly and will surely attract a lot of eyeballs.

3. DIY Simple Macramé Headboard

Bring textile art to your bedroom decor by recreating this styling, simple-to-make macrame headboard and to show off your macrame knotting skills.

4. Minimalistic Macramé Headboard DIY

Go through this video to learn how to adorn the metal-framed headboard of your bed with macrame ropes for a unique funky look.

5. DIY Macrame Tapestry Headboard

DIY Macrame Headboard Ideas1

If you happen to have a macrame wall hanging, then all you need is a 1″ width dowel,
handsaw, wood screws, drill, and this super easy DIY to make a chic macrame headboard.

6. Custom Macrame Headboard for Rustic Modern Home

Custom Macrame Headboard for Rustic Modern Home

Elevate your rustic modern home decor without making a hole in your pocket by installing this custom macrame headboard for that added warmth and texture.

7. DIY Macrame Headboard

DIY Macrame Headboard Ideas2

Create an elegant-looking headboard for your bed with a macrame wall hanging to make your bedroom snuggly and inviting. Click here.

8. Custom Wall Hanging Macrame Headboard

Custom Wall Hanging Macrame Headboard

If macrame suits your style, try making a fancy wall-hanging headboard like this pretty one from thebeesbooth, you’ll never regret it!

9. Multicolored Macrame Headboard Idea

DIY Macrame Headboard Ideas3

DIYing dreamy headboards with multicolored macrame cords is an excellent idea. These headboards are 3ft wide x 3ft tall and can also be used to beautify empty walls.

10. Chic Macrame Headboard Idea

Chic Macrame Headboard Idea

A long wooden dowel, macrame cords, a few knots, and a little bit of patience are needed to make this chic macrame headboard.

After reading this article, you’ll get to know all these DIY macrame headboard ideas are not only great for spicing up your bland bedroom decor, but these budget-friendly beauties can also be excellent gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and other special events too.

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