6 Easy DIY Broom Holder Ideas

Explore these best budget-friendly DIY Broom Holder Ideas that will help you organize brooms and mops in a few minutes!

Is your broom always tipping over and cluttering your home? Say goodbye to such problems with these DIY Broom Holder Ideas. These projects are quite inexpensive and easy to make with a few supplies.

DIY Broom Holder Ideas

1. Sliding Broom Holder Wall Mount DIY

DIY Broom Holder Ideas 1

Are you looking for a minimalistic yet aesthetic holder for your broom? This Dutch style wall-mounted sliding holder might be the best option. It’s made from wood scraps and a few cutting tools. Watch this video tutorial for more info.

2. DIY PVC Broom Organizer

DIY Broom Holder Ideas 2

Learn the steps to transform PVC pipes into a nifty broom holder in this video tutorial. Cut small pieces of PVC pipes and secure them on the wall using nails to hold brooms. As PVC is durable and UV-resistant, this holder can be easily installed on fences and shed’s exterior walls.

3. DIY Wooden Broom Holder

DIY Broom Holder Ideas 3

Featuring wood and coat hooks, this broom holder is easy to build, even for beginner DIYers. It has only two hooks, but you can add more as per your requirements. Get the instructions and list of supplies in this article.

4. DIY Pegboard Mop and Broom Holder

DIY Broom Holder Ideas 4

You only need a basic sheet of pegboard to create an inexpensive mop and broom organizer for a less-spacious home. This organizer can painted to match with the garage or utility room style.

5. Wood and Corrugated Sheet Broom Holder

Wood and Corrugated Sheet Broom Organizer

Made from wood, corrugated metal sheeting, and rails, this rack gives a rustic industrial look to the space and stores multiple brooms quite easily. You can also hang buckets from the rails to store small cleaning supplies.

6. DIY Broom Holder For Under $3

DIY Broom Holder For Under $3

With just scrap wood and a few hardware hooks, you can build a functional broom holder for under $3. This budget-friendly project not only saves space but also keeps your cleaning tools organized and easily accessible.

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