DIY Butterfly Wings Tutorial + 15 Ideas

Check out these homemade DIY Butterfly Wingsideas – perfect for cosplays, themed parties, and imaginative plays!

Dive into this collection of DIY Butterfly Wings and craft colorful accessories that are perfect for any occasion, from festivals to costume parties! These projects are ideal for kids and adults alike.

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DIY Butterfly Wings Ideas

1. DIY Felt Monarch Butterfly Wings Tutorial

DIY Butterfly Wings Ideas 1

These monarch butterfly wings made from felt are super easy to create and make a great Halloween costume.

2. DIY No-Sew Butterfly Wings

DIY Butterfly Wings Ideas 2

Elegant and chic, these ethereal white butterfly wings require no sewing skills. Get the tutorial instructions here.

3. Cardboard Butterfly Wings

DIY Butterfly Wings Ideas 3

These cardboard wings ensure hours and hours of fun for your toddler. It’s a really easy and fun craft project to do with your little ones.

4. Giant Butterfly Wings for Adults

DIY Butterfly Wings Ideas 4

Add a splash of color and fantasy to your next event or photoshoot with these blue morpho butterfly-inspired homemade wings.

5. Muslic Fabric Butterfly Wings

DIY Butterfly Wings Ideas 5

This costume idea features adorable butterfly wings made from muslin fabric, sharpie marker, freeze paper, and paint.

6. Large Butterfly Wing Kids Costume

DIY Butterfly Wings Ideas 6

If your kiddo wants to become a giant butterfly for the Halloween or school competition, check out this idea.

7. Stained Glass Butterfly Wings

DIY Butterfly Wings Ideas 7

Encourage your little ones to enjoy the outdoors with these stained glass butterfly wings. Grab the details here.

8. DIY Contact Paper Butterfly Wings

DIY Butterfly Wings Ideas 8

Follow along to see how to create these stunning butterfly wings. You’ll need pressed flowers, ribbon, hot glue, wood, and contact paper.

9. Construction Paper Butterfly Wings

Construction Paper Wings

Make your toddler the center of attraction at the birthday party with this pair of creative butterfly wings. Click here for the supplies and instructions.

10. Sticky Plastic Butterfly Wings

Sticky Plastic Butterfly Wings

Have fun creating these quick and easy butterfly wings with your kiddo. You can adjust the shape and color of the wings to make fairy wings, angel wings, or ladybird wings.

11. DIY Oly-Fun Butterfly Wings for Halloween

DIY Oly-Fun Fly Wings for Halloween

Prepping your kid for Halloween? Then these butterfly wings are the best option. You only need some supplies and an afternoon to complete this project.

12. Phantom Butterfly Wings From T-Shirt

Phantom Wings From T-Shirt

Pamper your daughter by making these phantom butterfly wings from t-shirts, pipe cleaners, and a headband for her.

13. Eye-Catching Butterfly Wings

Eye-Catching Butterfly Wings

Give your kiddo’s old butterfly wings an eye-catching makeover with some modifications and add-ons. Watch this video tutorial for the details.

14. Last Minute $5 Butterfly Wings

Last Minute $5 Butterfly Wings

Are you searching for an affordable and last-minute Halloween costume? This is a great option.

15. Easy Butterfly Wings From a Folder

Super Easy Wings From a Folder

Learn how to turn an old plastic folder into attention-grabbing butterfly wings in this YouTube tutorial.

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