DIY Hanging Candle Lantern from Vase

Have a vase collecting dust and taking up space at your house? Make this rustic DIY Hanging Candle Lantern with it!

It works great for lighting up the deck or garden. You just need a few basic supplies on hand to create this candle lantern.  The original idea was to work burlap but we ended up with two versions. Here’s what you need:

DIY Hanging Candle Lantern 1

After I’d made the first, I decided to switch it up and try another with twine.  I’ll show you both and see what you think about them. The wire handles were made the same way for both.

Cut yourself two pieces of wire about 15″ or 16″ – enough to wrap around the neck of the vase and twist together and meet at the top to form a handle. I held a piece of wire on (in the pic above) “top” and “bottom” side of the neck and then connected them with a twist at the “left” and “right” side of the neck.

I continued to twist each side until the met at the top and wrapped the two sections of wire together to form a handle.

Cut a piece of burlap to a length that will wrap around the neck of the vase 1 1/2 times.  Find the middle thread in the piece and pull to scrunch and ruffle the fabric. Secure around the neck of the vase with a couple of stitches or hot glue.

DIY Hanging Candle Lantern 3

After seeing this DIY hanging candle lantern, I decided I liked the clean, clear glass combined with the rough texture of the burlap, but wasn’t sold on the ruffle, so I tried a simpler version with twine.  I just wrapped twine around the length of the neck of the vase covering the wire.

DIY Hanging Candle Lantern 2

You can use your creativity to cover the neck of vase with anything else that fits your mood and decor.

That’s it for today. Drop your comments below on how your lantern turns out.

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