40 DIY Headband Holder | Hair Bow Organizer

Check out some cute and trendy DIY Headband Holder ideas you must try crafting to keep the kid’s accessories clean and organized!

Who does not loves to display their accessories in style? We have compiled 40 gorgeous DIY Headband Holder ideas that’ll hold all your cute hair ties, bands, and bows in place!

DIY Headband Holder

1. DIY Hairbow Frame


Recycle an old wooden frame with metallic paint and add hooks to create a beautiful headband holder that looks just as good as the artwork. Here’s the DIY. It is the best way to store headbands.

2. Oatmeal Headband Organizer


It’s easy to get crafty with an oatmeal container when you have wrapping paper, ruffled flowers, and ribbons handy. Your headbands will do the rest of the decorative work. Follow this DIY for instructions. One of the best hair tie storage ideas on this list!

3. Headband Holder Display


Decorated with glitter paper and embellishments, this repurposed cardboard cylinders offer hassle-free storage of your headbands-plus you can use the inside for keeping hair clips and binders. Find the tutorial for this headband holder display here.

4. Paper Doll Head Band Holder


A head band holder can’t get prettier than this- it’s also a lovely way to encourage your kids to learn the basics of organizing their stuff. Follow this DIY.

5. Fabric-covered Head Band Holder


When drawer mess is too much to tame, dive into your recycling bin for an old oatmeal container and get started with this vertical storage DIY solution. It is the best way to store headbands.

6. DIY Cardboard Headband Holder


Get your little girl’s innumerable hair accessories on display and out of the way with this beautiful hair bow organizer cum holder that can be customized easily to match the decor of her room. Here’s the DIY.

7. Wood Base Plaque Headband Holder


A towel roll disguised with decorative fabric is the base of this adorable bow organizer but what catches the eye is the copper-toned wooden dowel held stable on a matching wooden plaque. Find the tutorial for this headband and bow holder here.

8. Beautiful Headband Holder

Pretty up paper towel rolls with fabric and hangs up two of them with matching ribbon for a cute headband holder that blends well with a princess bedroom. Here’s the DIY. It is one of the best headband organization ideas.

9. Cup Hooks Hairbow Holder


The concept of plugging cup hooks onto wooden trims means you have a one-stop storage solution for all kinds of hair accessories, right from hair clips to elastic headbands. Here’s the DIY for this hair bow organizer.

10. Washi Tape Wraps Holder


Take an empty can, cover it with wrapping paper and hang it by a ribbon on the closet door for a handy headband and bow holder. Get stepwise instructions here.

11. Ribbon DIY Headband Holders


With a little help from your sewing machine, you can repurpose old shower curtain rings and a couple of ribbons to make a neat little headband holder display. Here’s the DIY.

12. Polka Dot Headband Holder


Instead of tossing a used oatmeal container in the trash, consider sprucing it up with decorative paper and attaching it to a pedestal for a beautiful hair bow organizer. Here’s the DIY.

13. DIY Headband Holder

40 DIY Headband Holder | Hair Bow Organizer 7

Create bi-color hoops by knotting ribbons in an alternate fashion for a pretty bow storage solution for little girls’ accessories. Make this DIY headband holder like this.

14. Ultimate Storage for Hairbow

It’s difficult to find a storage solution with all your hair accessories in one place and is even wall-mounted for a quick grab-and-go, but this DIY bow organizer has a nice hack to get you started.

15. Empty Toilet Paper Roll Holder

40 DIY Headband Holder | Hair Bow Organizer 8

Arrange one toilet roll while using another one as the base and support both with a wooden board for the base. This simple yet practical design also has an ample window for customization. Check the tutorial for the DIY Headband Holder here.

16. Headband Holder Using Cardboard

Cardboard strips are a great canvas to create a headband hanger. Deck it up with colored paper and some floral embellishments or satin ribbons for a pretty appeal. This DIY has all the details.

17. Only $1 Dollar Headband Holder

Styrofoam boards painted bright and screwed to the wall offer compact headband and bow storage ideas that are pretty enough for display. Make your own with this DIY.

18. Super Cheap Headband Holders

40 DIY Headband Holder | Hair Bow Organizer 9

This DIY shows you how to reduce kitchen and closet clutter by transforming old cans into pretty bow storage holders for your exhaustive collection of headbands. Watch the tutorial here.

19. DIY Cloud Theme Holder40 DIY Headband Holder | Hair Bow Organizer 10

This DIYer used cloud-printed paper to wrap her can-turned-headband holder; you can, of course, choose any pattern you like. Just make sure it goes with the pedestal below. Seek inspiration here.

20. DIY Wooden Headband Holder

Screw uniformly-spaced clothespins on wall-mounted wooden panels, and voila! You have a space-saving solution for your never-ending collection of hairbands. One of the best Headband Organization Ideas on this list.

21. Holder Made From PVC Pipe

40 DIY Headband Holder | Hair Bow Organizer 11

PVC pipes can be made into a fun and inexpensive headband and bow holder, and the best part is they need little to prep up for the job. Here’s the DIY to get started.

22. DIY Infant Headband Holder


Put an old oatmeal canister to good use with this cool DIY bow organizer. Adding a ruffled flower on top and colorful scrapbook paper on the sides will help mask its humble appearance, making it a more worthy addition to your dresser.

23 Amazing Headband Holder


Prop an empty oatmeal container on a candle base and paste a fancy paper or fabric around the body for a refined look. The end result is a compact head band holder perfect for vanity storage. Here’s the DIY.

24. Paper Towel Roll Headband Holder


This portable and super cute headband holder display can be made even by little tots, as long as you have a roll of paper towels and some scrap fabric handy. Here’s the DIY.

25. DIY Branch Headband Holder


For an eccentric touch to the walls, try using a salvaged branch as a headband holder– it makes storage easy, and its dark color complements beautifully with a colorful string of headbands. Here’s the DIY.

26. Clothespins Headband Holder


Convert a simple burlap frame into a neat headband holder display for your overflowing bows and headbands with the help of jute and clothespins. This DIY has the details.

27. DIY No-Sew Headband Holder


This no-sew DIY bow organizer offers multiple storage options in a tiny design-just clip the bands on the raindrops, clips on the sunbeams, and hair ties on the clouds, and you’re good to go.

28. DIY Canvas Bow and Headband Holder


All you need is a canvas, twine, and some pretty fabric for this no-fail DIY. After all, it would be a shame to keep your beautiful headbands stashed in a dark corner of your closet.

29. Crochet Headband Holder

40 DIY Headband Holder | Hair Bow Organizer 15

A wall-mounted crochet head band holder is a nifty item to keep your little girl’s head accessories neatly arranged. Plus, you can get the kids to help out with the making process as well. Watch the steps here.

30. DIY Horseshoe Headband Holder Display

For a quirky twist on bedroom wall decor, create this horseshoe-shaped holder. Here, headbands are hung from twine connecting horseshoes, and the whole arrangement is supported by a wooden board. Here‘s the tutorial for this headband hanger.

31. Custom Wood Headband Holder


If you happen to have spare wooden trims, attach them to an oval board base and create this multi-tier structure to keep your headbands organized for quick usage. Here’s the DIY.

33. Monogram Headband Holder40 DIY Headband Holder | Hair Bow Organizer 17

Try a monogram headband holder for your kid’s bedroom. Display the colorful hair accessories on the wall with your favorite quote for a lively vibe. Get the tutorial for this DIY Hairbow Organizer here.

34. IKEA Headband Holder

This IKEA head band holder is perfect for those who don’t have enough time to recycle stuff but want a trendy hair bow organizer to deck their wall! Get the tutorial here.

35. DIY Headband Organizer40 DIY Headband Holder | Hair Bow Organizer 18

All things colorful and cutesy! This is the best way to store headbands without wasting a lot of space or money. Get the tutorial here.

36. DIY Hairbow Storage Idea

How colorful and lively this hair bow organizer is! Make one for yourself using some regular supplies, as shown in the tutorial.

37. Hanging Hairband Holder

40 DIY Headband Holder | Hair Bow Organizer 19

A functional decor piece that will organize all your hair accessories without consuming a lot of place, this headband and bow holder is something you must craft today. Get the tutorial here.

38. DIY Photo Frame Headband Holder

A photo frame turned into a DIY headband holder, this bow organizer is perfect for those who love to deck their interiors with something cute and trendy. Watch the tutorial here.

39. Unicorn Headband Holder40 DIY Headband Holder | Hair Bow Organizer 20

This unicorn headband holder display will be your little one’s favorite. It is the best way to store headbands, hair ties, and other cute accessories in place. Watch the tutorial here.

40.  Pretty DIY Hair Bow Organizer

This hair bow organizer idea can also serve as a decor item for your kid’s room. Learn the steps here.

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