35 DIY Curtain Rod Ideas for an Elegant Interior

Revamp any interior space with these DIY curtain Rod Ideas. All of these curtain rods are inexpensive but look elegant!

Ditch the traditional decor plans and try these DIY curtain rod ideas that are pretty easy to make and sure to elevate your interiors!

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DIY curtain Rod Ideas

1. Door Knob & Industrial Pipe Curtain Rods

35 DIY Curtain Rod Ideas for an Elegant Interior 1

This DIY Curtain Rod Idea uses door knobs as finials and industrial pipe for the draping pole. Head on to the tutorial for details.

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2. Rustic DIY Curtain Rod Made of Branches

DIY Curtain Rod Ideas 2

Put a fallen birch branch to good use with this easy curtain rod DIY that gets done before your morning coffee. You must definitely try this DIY curtain rod idea.

3. DIY Nautical Curtain Rod

35 DIY Curtain Rod Ideas for an Elegant Interior 2

This salvaged oar curtain rod is lightweight, airy, yet sturdy enough to carry heavy fabrics, making it a nice addition to a nautical-themed room. Here‘s the DIY!

4. DIY Curtain Rod Ideas – Galvanized Pipe

Galvanized Pipe

If cheap, effortless home decor hacks are what you live for, this galvanized piping curtain rod deserves to be on your to-do list. See the tutorial here.

5. Vintage Door Knob Curtain Rod

35 DIY Curtain Rod Ideas for an Elegant Interior 3

The shiny metal of the electric conduit rod contrasts beautifully with the rustic knobs to create a visually impactful look that livens up the windows. Follow this DIY Curtain Rod Idea here.

6. PVC Pipe Curtain Rod

PVC Pipe Curtain Rod

Made of tennis ball finials and PVC piping, this DIY curtain rod here looks a lot classier than one would imagine. It is one of the easiest DIY Curtain Rod ideas on this list.

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7. Electrical Conduit Curtain Rod

35 DIY Curtain Rod Ideas for an Elegant Interior 4

For inexpensive curtain rods that take the trouble of putting every piece together from scratch, consider this hassle-free DIY involving easily available spray-painted hardware.

8. DIY Sisal Rope Curtain Rods

DIY Sisal Rope Curtain Rods

The refreshing organic feel of this bamboo and jute curtain rod not only beautifies the space but also adds an eco-friendly touch to the room. Find out more here.

9. Rustic Looking PVC Curtain Rods

35 DIY Curtain Rod Ideas for an Elegant Interior 5

The PVC piping hack is for those who don’t want to spend a fortune on the walls and want to have their drapes cover the space between adjacent windows. Check out this detailed post to learn more.

10. Ping Pong Ball Curtain Rod

Ping Pong Ball Curtain Rod

With cheap and lightweight ping-pong balls as finials and spray-painted dowels, this curtain rod hack is remarkably easy to put together. We got inspiration from here.

11. Curtain Rod with a Wooden Dowel

35 DIY Curtain Rod Ideas for an Elegant Interior 6

This DIY Curtain Rod Idea requires some basic woodworking skills, but the result is worth the effort. This curtain rod will give your home a more polished look than others on this list.

12. Easy Curtain Rod Shelf

Easy Curtain Rod Shelf

This charming DIY curtain rod idea is not only easy to make and affordable but also includes an extra storage shelf where you can put your purses and plush toys on display. Know more here.

13. Curtain Rod with Corbels

35 DIY Curtain Rod Ideas for an Elegant Interior 7

This somewhat somber-looking diy curtain rod made from black pipe and corbels is an excellent way to create a statement in the study room. Get the tutorial here.

14. Oar Curtain Rod

Add beach vibes to the living room with this quaint-looking curtain rod repurposed from a scull. Visit countryliving to learn more.

15. DIY Curtain Rod Ideas – Tree Branch

35 DIY Curtain Rod Ideas for an Elegant Interior 8

Bring colorful decor to the home with the most eccentric curtain rod DIY known to man ever. Click here, for the steps.

16. My Fancy Dancy Curtain Rods

If you’re looking for ingenious ways to hang curtains instead of relying on those long rods, here’s the right DIY by paintedtherapy for you.

17. DIY Salvage Copper Curtain Rods

35 DIY Curtain Rod Ideas for an Elegant Interior 9

Salvaged from copper piping, this DIY curtain rod is gorgeous in every space and perfect for people with minimal design choices. Get the details here.

18. Forged Nail Curtain Rod

This DIY by inspiredbycharm is more about the fabric than about the hardware; nevertheless, it’s a fantastic hack for lazy homeowners who don’t mind boring nail holes on their window walls.

19. Rope Curtain Rod

35 DIY Curtain Rod Ideas for an Elegant Interior 10

This DIYer used rope and hooks as the rod and canvas cloth as curtains to update her bedroom window and cozying up to the indoor space.

20. Curtains Rod with Reclaimed Wood

Add privacy to the master shower with this easy, two-minute curtain rod hack using the best wood in your collection and some sheer fabric.

21. DIY Yardstick Curtain Rod35 DIY Curtain Rod Ideas for an Elegant Interior 11

Easy yet classy, this DIY curtain rod idea uses yardstick to create a drape pole that livens up small, lone windows. Learn more here.

22. Custom Copper Curtain Rods

DIY Copper curtain rods not only blend well with vintage decor but also add class to window dressings. The step-by-step instructions are here.

23. Welded Fence Rail Curtain Rods

35 DIY Curtain Rod Ideas for an Elegant Interior 12

Having just the right balance of sturdiness and flexibility, fencing rails are easy to work with when you’re looking to create diy curtain rods without much effort. Want to know more? Click here.

24. Wooden Ball Curtain Rod

One little trip to the hardware store is all you need to get this cost-effective curtain rod for the boy’s bedroom. Take help from this post.

25. DIY Acrylic Curtain Rod

35 DIY Curtain Rod Ideas for an Elegant Interior 13

Timeless, affordable, and eye-catching, these acrylic rods with brass curtain brackets are likely to be a permanent part of your home decor. We found this DIY Curtain Rod Idea here.

26. Long Curtain Rod

Finding a curtain rod for the long walls of French doors is a challenge, which is why this DIYer used curtain brackets to seal the deal. The result makes the room airier, and the ceilings appear taller.

27. Easy & Inexpensive DIY Curtain Rod

35 DIY Curtain Rod Ideas for an Elegant Interior 14

Using just a dowel, cup hooks, and a few tools, this double DIY curtain rod idea spruces up your window dressings in no time. Here are the detailed instructions.

28. Plumbing Pipe Curtain Rod

Do you know those plumbing pipes can serve as fantastic DIY curtain rods without compromising the aesthetics of your room? Head on to the tutorial here.

29. Galvanized Drape Pole

35 DIY Curtain Rod Ideas for an Elegant Interior 15

Galvanized rods look great in homes, and their anti-rust property ensures their durability for a long time to come. Get the tutorial here.

30. DIY Wood and Leather Curtain Rod

This DIY curtain rod idea is perfect for those fond of country-side decor! It will complement the wooden window frames really well and create a contrast against neutral-toned walls. Watch the tutorial here.

31. Elegant Gold Curtain Rod

Want to give your interiors a glammy touch without spending heavy bucks? This DIY will show you the steps to create an elegant curtain rod that doesn’t cost much but looks like a gold-coated pole.

32. Rustic Tree Branch Curtain Rod

Something unique and catchy! This is one of the easiest DIY curtain rod ideas on this list. Just paint them in any shade that goes well with the walls, and you are good to go. The tutorial is here.

33. Galvanized Pipe and Rope Curtain Pole

A ten-minute task, and you will have a DIY curtain pole at your home made from rope, galvanized pipe, stainless steel wire, hooks, and some other essentials. You can also use it as a room divider.

34. Rustic Industrial Pipe Rod

These industrial pipes are easily available at any hardware store, and you can make rustic DIY curtain rods with them in a few simple steps following this tutorial.

35. DIY Rustic Curtain Rod

This DIY Curtain Rod idea uses only 2-3 branches draped together with ropes that’ll make the structure sturdy enough to hold the curtains and give your interiors a rustic look. Get the tutorial here.

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