10 DIY Indoor Plant Chandelier Ideas

Looking for unique ways to display greenery in your bathroom, living area, and dining room? Check out these DIY Indoor Plant Chandelier Ideas!

If you are running out of space but still want to add more plants to your apartment, well, we’ve got a nifty solution for you. How about adding a plant chandelier? It’s a unique way to add more greenery to less-spacious homes.

DIY Indoor Plant Chandelier Ideas

1. DIY Farmhouse Style Planter ChandelierDIY Indoor Plant Chandelier Ideas 1

Learn how to build a farmhouse styled planter chandelier for your dining room in this detailed article. Just grab a rectangular wooden box, lighting fixtures, and hanging plants for this project.

2. DIY Indoor Plant Chandelier Under 10 MinutesDIY Indoor Plant Chandelier Ideas 2

If you want a unique plant chandelier for your living space that can be made in less then 10 minutes, consider checking out this project. You can opt for either real or faux plants to add in the metal sphere chandelier.

3. Chandelier and Terracotta PlanterDiy Chandelier and Terracotta Planter

To assemble this chandelier, gather terracotta pots, saucers, spray paint, flowering plants, glue, and a thrift store chandelier. For the step-by-step instructions, you can check out this article.

4. Chandelier-inspired Planter for Dining RoomDiy Chandelier-inspired Planter for Dining Room

Give your monotonous dining room some jungle vibes with this conversation-starting chandelier planter. You can recreate this green fixture with the help of this article.

5. Stunning Cascading Indoor Plant ChandelierDiy Stunning Cascading Indoor Plant Chandelier

Adorned with hanging tea light fixtures and vining succulents, this driftwood chandelier is an excellent focal point for indoor settings. Read the details in this article.

6. DIY Polish Chandelier PlanterDIY Polish chandelier planter

Add a pop of color and dramatic element to your living space with this Polish chandelier planter. Anyone with basic DIYing skills can complete this project.

7. DIY Lush Plant Chandelier IdeaDiy Lush Plant Chandelier Idea

In this article, the DIYer repurposes an old chandelier into a ceiling-hanging living fixture using strong glue, spray paint, and a few supplies.

8. Hanging Potted Plant as ChandelierHanging Potted Plant as Chandelier

If you’re short on time and have a limited budget, consider hanging a potted vining plant from the ceiling as a plant chandelier. You can use pothos, English ivy, or spider plants for this idea.

9. DIY Indoor Plant ChandelierDIY Indoor Plant Chandelier

This plant chandelier is a great way to showcase your favorite blooms, succulents, and ferns, even when you don’t have enough space indoors.

10. Bathroom Ladder Chandelier Idea

Bathroom Ladder Chandelier Idea

An old ladder, hanging potted foliar specimens, screws, hooks, and chains are all you need to build this bathroom plant chandelier.

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