30 Homemade DIY Chandelier Ideas | How to Create a Chandelier

Level up the aesthetics of your interiors with these Homemade DIY Chandelier Ideas that are also easy on the pocket!

Does your abode need a chic lighting update? Check out these amazing Homemade DIY Chandelier Ideas to add drama, interest, and charm to your living space.

Here are some DIY ceiling light ideas

Homemade DIY Chandelier Ideas

1. DIY Faux Capiz Shell Chandelier

Homemade DIY Chandelier Ideas 1

Here’s the tutorial for creating a faux capiz shell chandelier that boosts the visual appeal of any dull space.

2. Hula-Hoop Chandelier

Homemade DIY Chandelier Ideas 2

You’ll need hula hoops, machine screws with matching bolts, a hot glue gun, a drill, and a pendant light kit for this project.

3. Bent Arm Chandelier Idea

Homemade DIY Chandelier Ideas 3

Assembled from brass hardware and other supplies, this bent arm chandelier adds style to the living area. Read the details here.

4. Oversized Fabric Garland Chandelier

Homemade DIY Chandelier Ideas 4

Make this attention-grabbing, oversized fabric garland chandelier out of a wire cooling rack, fabric, twinkle lights, lace, thread, and needle.

5. DIY Mason Jar Chandelier

Homemade DIY Chandelier Ideas 5

Jazz up your home or office space with this stunning DIY mason jar chandelier. It’s one of the best homemade DIY chandelier ideas.

6. Beaded Chandelier

Homemade DIY Chandelier Ideas 6

This gorgeous beaded chandelier is easy, budget-friendly, and makes a beautiful statement in any room. Click here to know more.

7. Bead and Ruffle Chandelier

Homemade DIY Chandelier Ideas 7

This beautiful chandelier is made from a lamp shade, fabric, and crystal beads. Hop to this article for the complete tutorial.

8. Steel Pipe Chandelier

Homemade DIY Chandelier Ideas 8

Looking to get the industrial look for less? Consider installing this unique steel pipe chandelier.

9. Wine Bottle Chandelier

Homemade DIY Chandelier Ideas 9

Rather than running to the nearest store for a unique light fixture, craft an elegant one at home with wine bottles. The details are here.

10. Tassel Chandelier

Homemade DIY Chandelier Ideas 9

This DIY tassel chandelier will instantly add a touch of coastal whimsy to your home. Take inspiration from this article.

11. Easy Fancy Chandelier DIY

In this video, you’ll learn how to make a fancy chandelier with rice paper shade, scissors, and glue.

12. Reclaimed Wood Beam Chandelier

Copy this reclaimed wood beam chandelier to give your space the much-needed rustic charm. Watch this video to learn more.

13. DIY Wood Chandelier

Made from half-lap joints and a wood dowel, this quirky chandelier is a great DIY project for woodworkers. It’s one of the most awesome homemade DIY chandelier ideas.

14. $35 DIY Industrial Style Hemp Rope Chandelier

Homemade DIY Chandelier Ideas 10

Follow this instructable to build a rustic industrial-style hemp rope chandelier, a perfect addition to the living space.

15. Wagon Wheel Chandelier DIY

Homemade DIY Chandelier Ideas 11

All you need is an old wagon wheel, chain, canopy kit, wire, bolt cutters, and eye screws to bring this unusual chandelier to life.

16. Solar Light Chandelier

Homemade DIY Chandelier Ideas 12

Grab an old candle chandelier and solar path lights to complete this amazing project.

17. DIY Crystal Ball Chandelier

Homemade DIY Chandelier Ideas 13

This glamorous crystal ball chandelier is a sight to behold. Create one for yourself using this tutorial.

18. Double Ringer Chandelier

Homemade DIY Chandelier Ideas 14

You only have to follow this helpful tutorial to build a double-ringer chandelier that gives a nice soft glow.

19. Ribbon Chandelier

Ribbon Chandelier

This ribbon chandelier is a funky way to amp up the aesthetics of your kid’s bedroom. Click here to know more.

20. DIY Birdcage Chandelier Idea

DIY Birdcage Chandelier Idea

Take an old bird cage and transform it into an unusual chandelier using this step-by-step tutorial.

21. Wicker Shade Chandelier DIY

Wicker Shade Chandelier DIY

Check out this awesome tutorial for making a captivating chandelier from a wicker shade and a few supplies.

22. DIY Outdoor Chandelier

DIY Outdoor Chandelier

If you want a focal point-worthy, eye-grabbing light fixture for your porch or patio, this article is for you. It’s one of the easiest homemade DIY chandelier ideas to take inspiration from.

23. DIY Drum Chandelier

DIY Drum Chandelier

Give some style to your common boob light fixture by adorning it with this chandelier. It’s made from a lampshade and crystal bead strands.

24. DIY Bubble Chandelier Idea

Bubble Chandelier

Featuring remote-controlled mini LED lights and acrylic balls; this stunning bubble chandelier will surely attract a lot of eyeballs.

25. $40 DIY String Light Chandelier

$40 DIY String Light Chandelier

This simple and rustic chandelier is made with string lights and wood. It would be perfect for hanging over a dining table.

26. DIY Chenille Chandelier

DIY Chenille Chandelier

Have an ugly bedroom light fixture you want to hide? This DIY chenille chandelier is the perfect way to do that.

27. Orb Chandelier Idea

Orb Chandelier

Install this eye-catching orb chandelier to give your home decor an attractive focal point. Click here to learn more.

28. Macrame Boho Chandelier with Fairy Lights

Macrame Boho Chandelier with Fairy Lights

Combine macrame art with bohemian beauty to create a chic display-worthy chandelier. Get the details here.

29. Candle Lantern To Chandelier

Candle Lantern To Chandelier

Here’s the tutorial to make a beautiful chandelier out of a candle lantern. It’s one of the fantastic homemade DIY chandelier ideas.

30. Homemade DIY Bike Rim Chandelier Ideas

Bike Rim Chandelier

This bike rim LED chandelier gives your home a quirky look at a low cost. Go through this article for more info.

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