30 DIY Light Switch Covers

Transform your hideous switch plates into appealing focal points by taking inspiration from these DIY Light Switch Covers!

Rather than swapping your old switchplates with new pricey ones, update your existing ones with these DIY Light Switch Covers.

DIY Light Switch Covers

1. DIY Race Car Light Switch Cover Makeover

DIY Light Switch Covers 1

If your kid adores racing cars, give his/her bedroom’s light switch plate a race car-themed look using this tutorial.

2. DIY Vintage Light Switch Plate

DIY Light Switch Covers 2

Instead of throwing the old dishes, reuse them to prettify your drab light switch plates. Read more here.

3. Harry Potter Light Switch Cover

DIY Light Switch Covers 3

Are you a Potterhead? If yes, give your regular switch cover a magical makeover with this helpful DIY.

4. DIY Lego Light Switch Cover

DIY Light Switch Covers 4

Follow this instructable to make your light switch stand out. Grab a lego plate, Dremel, Exacto knife, sandpaper, and screwdriver to complete the project.

5. Sparkly Duct Tape CoversSparkly Duct Tape Covers

All you need is duct tape to add some appeal and character to your typical light switch plate. Instructions are here.

6. DIY Fabric Covered Switch Plates

DIY Light Switch Covers 6

Give a fancy facelift to your drab light switch covers using fabric, mod podge, paste, and this tutorial.

7. Industrial Steampunk Inspired Light Switch Cover

If you’re into steampunk, this industrial, steampunk-inspired light switch cover idea is for you. Watch the video to learn more.

8. Gift Wrapped Switch Plates

DIY Light Switch Covers 7

Spruce up your holiday home decor with this festive, gift-wrapped switch plate cover. The details are here.

9. Easy DIY Gold Leaf Light Switch Cover

DIY Light Switch Covers 8

To give the standard light switch cover a new lease of life, transform its look with this easy-to-do DIY.

10. Star Wars Light Switch Cover

DIY Light Switch Covers 9

Star wars admirers are going to love this switchplate makeover project. It’s one of the most amazing DIY light switch covers on this list.

11. Painted Switch Plate Covers

Modifying the look and feel of the light switch plate is cheap with acrylic paint, a brush, and a rust-oleum spray can.

12. Beach Themed Light Switch Cover

DIY Light Switch Covers 10

Adorn the light switch plates with seashells and aquarium gravel to bring seaside vibes indoors. Read more here.

13. Scrapbook Paper Covered Light Switch

Scrapbook Paper Covered Light Switch

Gather scrapbook paper, mod podge, Exacto knife, and scissors to update your plain ol’ light switch plate.

14. Tardis Light Switch Cover

DIY Light Switch Covers 12

Add a pop of bright color to your living space by upgrading the light switch plate cover with this DIY.

15. Patterned Card Stock and Mod Podge Covers

Patterned Card Stock and Mod Podge Covers

It’s quite simple to turn boring light switch plates into something special in less than 5 minutes with cardstock, mod podge, and this idea.

16. DIY Alcohol Ink Art Switch Plates

DIY Light Switch Covers 14

These alcohol ink switch plate covers are full of personality and can instantly make any room a bit more elegant.

17. DIY Mosaic Tile Light Switch Covers

DIY Light Switch Covers 15

Dress up your outdated light switch plates with mosaic tiles, rhinestones, and tiny mirrors for an added glam.

18. Glitter Light Switch Cover Plate

Glitter Light Switch Cover Plate

Decorating the regular switch plate with glitters is the quickest way to amp up any dull home interior.

19. Polymer Clay Silkscreen Light Switch Plate

Show off your creativity by converting the old light switch plate into an elegant specimen using polymer clay and other supplies.

20. Boho Light Switch Cover

Challenge your inner DIYer to complete this DIY boho wood-burned light switch plate project. It’s one of the best DIY light switch covers to take inspiration from.

21. Picture Frame Light Switch Cover

Take a look at this video to repurpose your outdated picture frames into a chic yet functional light switch plate cover.

22. Wooden Light Switch Cover

Install these wooden light switch plates to bring character and earthy touch to your bland living space walls.

23. DIY Monster Light Switch Cover

Don’t let your tight budget ruin your Halloween spirit, and install this DIY monster light switch cover to induce spooky vibes.

24. Resin Light Switch Cover

This resin light switch cover blends seamlessly with any home decor. Visit the video to know more.

25. Decorate a Light Switch with Washi Tape!

Decorate a Light Switch with Washi Tape!

Grab a roll of colorful and multi-patterned washi tape to spice up the look of your traditional light switch cover. The tutorial is here.

26. Creepy Switch Cover

Made with polymer clay and a little patience, this light switch plate looks spooktacular. It’s an excellent last-minute Halloween decor idea.

27. Anime Switch Plate Cover

Anime Switch Plate Cover

Display your love towards anime by trading the existing light switch plate with anime-inspired ones.

28. Unicorn Spit Light Switch Covers

Unicorn Spit Switch Cover

This Pinterest-worthy, unicorn spit switch plate has the potential to become the focal point of any home decor.

29. Mermaid Scale Light Switch Cover

Mermaid Scale Switch Cover

How about this cutesy mermaid-themed light switch plate cover? Visit this article for more info.

30. Marbled Light Switch Plate

Marbled Light Switch Plate

Another affordable and quick way to jazz up the switch plates at home. This project is ideal for kids and novice DIYers.

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