13 DIY Pothos Trellis Ideas

These DIY Pothos Trellis Ideas not only turn green specimens into stunning display pieces but also help them thrive vertically!

Pothos are popular houseplants due to their ease of care and attractive appearance. As they can grow quite large, pothos benefit from the support of trellis to grow and thrive. If you want to build your own, read this article for some simple and affordable ideas.

DIY Pothos Trellis Ideas

1. Easy Circular Pothos Trellis

DIY Pothos Trellis 1

With thick metal wire and jute rope, you can make this circular trellis for your potted pothos. It’s the most simple and budget-friendly option on this list. Check out this video tutorial for further help.

2. DIY Wooden Crisscross Trellis Idea

Pothos Trellis Ideas 2

All you need is a rectangular planter, wooden sticks, screws, drill, and jute rope to build this pothos trellis. It not only provides support to your climber but also adds visual interest to the space.

3. DIY Popsicle Stick Pothos Trellis

Pothos Trellis Ideas

Update the functionality and appeal of your indoor garden with this stylish wall-hanging diamond pothos trellis. It’s made up of popsicle sticks, hot glue, acrylic paint, and zip ties. Read more in this article.

4. DIY Circle Wall Trellis

Indoor Plant Trellis

Repurpose embroidery hoops to create an attractive pothos trellis on a bare living room wall. This clever setup is perfect for apartments with limited floor space and no outdoor garden.

5. DIY Ladder Trellis

Indoor Plant Trellis 2

In this visual tutorial, the YouTuber shows the steps to assemble a cheap ladder trellis using old branches and jute rope or zip ties. This trellis is a perfect option for pothos and other vining plants.

6. DIY Extendable Moss Pole for Pothos

Indoor Plant Trellis 3

Watch this video tutorial to make an extendable moss pole using jute twine and an old mop. The best part is that you can increase the height of this moss pole as the pothos grow taller.

7. Scarf and Belt Organizer Pothos Trellis

Repurposed Scarf and belt organizer trellis

Instead of discarding your old scarf and belt organizer, turn it into a pothos trellis. Hang it on the wall using screws or hooks, and train the pothos to climb on it.

8. Simple Pothos Wall Trellis Idea

Free wall growth with transparent hooks

With this pothos trellis idea, you can transform any empty wall into a lush vertical garden. Simply attach transparent hooks evenly or in a zig-zag pattern on the wall and help your pothos climb the structure.

9. Tomato Cage Pothos Trellis

Tomato cage Trellis

Do you have the good old tomato cage at your disposal? If yes, you need nothing else to train your pothos to grow in an upward direction.

10. Staircase Pothos Trellis Idea

Staircase Trellis

If you can’t implement any of the above ideas, transform the handrails of your home’s staircase into a pothos trellis using jute twine. Not to mention, it’s an excellent means to bring greenery to your living space.

11. Dome-Shaped Pothos TrellisDome-Shaped Pothos Trellis

Learn how to make this dome-shaped trellis for your favorite pothos in this detailed tutorial. Besides personal use, this trellis is great for gifting purposes, too.

12. DIY Wooden Plank Trellis

DIY Wooden Plank Trellis

A regular piece of tape and a wooden plank are all you need to DIY this thrifty plant trellis for potted pothos. It’s a great last-minute trellis idea that never fails.

13. DIY Bamboo Pothos Trellis

Bamboo Pothos Trellis

Take inspiration from this video tutorial to build an inexpensive trellis out of bamboo sticks and jute twine or zip ties.

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