Do Moth Balls Keep Rabbits Away?

Do Moth Balls Keep Rabbits Away? Read on to find out whether you can use them to keep the Bunnies from damaging the plants in your garden!

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With more than 30 species, rabbits are small herbivorous creatures. Their voracious appetite makes them deadly for landscapes and gardens. Since mothballs are popular pesticides, many gardeners are confused if they can be used against the bunnies. If you’re wondering the same, read this article on Do Moth Balls Keep Rabbits Away?

What Are Mothballs?

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Mothballs are tiny round balls made up of naphthalene or paradichlorobenzene. These balls are generally used to get rid of moths and various fabric-damaging pests. But people also use this product to repel garden pests as well.

How to Identify the Presence of Rabbits in Yard?

Find these signs to spot the presence of bunnies in your yard or garden.

  • Carefully examine the foliage and stems of your plants for clean-cut damage.
  • Small or large holes in your yard.
  • Presence of a shallow nest of grass in your yard that looks like patches of dead grass.

Do Moth Balls Keep Rabbits Away?

Mothballs are not effective against rabbits or any other garden pests. This product is highly lethal to human beings, wildlife, and the environment because of its toxic fumes. Therefore, it should not be used as an animal repellent. No matter how much mothballs fascinate you, stay away from this pesticide.

Other Natural Ways to Keep Rabbits Away

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As mothballs are an utter failure, try these natural and humane ways to keep rabbits at bay.

  • DIY Natural Rabbit Deterrents- Repellents made of natural products are the best way to tackle bunnies. You can use cayenne pepper, garlic cloves, dawn dish soap, garlic oil, and Irish Spring soap. Read the recipes here.
  • Let Your Dog Out – If you’re a dog owner, let your four-legged friend out into the lawn to keep the rabbits at bay. It’s the cheapest and perhaps the most effective method as the bunnies won’t return after such a frightening encounter.
  • Try Vinegar – Fill a garden sprayer with an equal ratio of water and vinegar. Shake a bit and spritz it around the plants targeted by the rabbits. Alternatively, you can soak a few cotton balls in undiluted vinegar and scatter them strategically in your yard.
  • Use Red Pepper- Sprinkle grounded red pepper around the garden to deter bunnies. The scent and taste of red pepper irritate these creatures. As a result, they never return to your property.
  • Grow Rabbits Deterrent Plants – Introduce sweet alyssum, lantana, pot marigold, strawflower, vinca, geraniums, and wax begonia plants in your garden to deter rabbits for good. Read more here.
  • Predators Urine- Spraying the urine of rabbits’ natural predators like dogs and cats everywhere in your outdoor space is a wise decision. It’s a free remedy if you have a hound or a feline friend.

How to Prevent Rabbits Invasion?

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Follow these prevention tips to stop the invasion of rabbits in the first place.

  • Investing in a 3-4 foot high chicken-wire fence that goes 4-6 inches deep in the garden soil is the most effective method to halt bunnies’ entrance.
  • Shield the flowerbeds with a 1/4 inch hardware cloth.
  • Mow your lawn often to eliminate bunnies’ food sources like grasses and weeds.
  • Patch small and big abandoned holes present in your property.
  • Get rid of rocks, weeds, piles of wood, heaps of grasses, and other hiding spots of rabbits from your yard.
  • Try raised-bed gardening and use cages to protect your prized plants from rabbits.
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