Does Hairspray Kill Spiders | How To Get Rid Of Spiders

Spiders are harmless creatures, but for some people, they are notorious ones. Read on to know does hairspray kill spiders in this detailed article.

What Are Spiders?

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Spiders are arachnids, having eight legs, ranges in different sizes and colors. Most spiders are inoffensive, but some, namely black widow, brown recluse, hobo, and armadeiras, are deadly to human beings because of their life-threatening poison. There are 45,000 types of spiders present on the earth.

Does Hairspray Kill Spiders?

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Not directly, but hairspray will help you to kill the spiders. When you spray this solution on them, it restricts their legs’ movement because hairspray is full of oil contents. After that, squeeze them out using a fly swatter. While trying this remedy, make sure to put on a good quality face mask, and hand gloves to avoid any mishaps.

Other Effective Hacks to Kill Spiders

Below are some capable alternative methods to kill spiders on your own.

1. Try Vinegar

Vinegar For Spiders

Vinegar is an all-natural way to eliminate spiders from your home entirely. However, it only kills spiders on direct contact; otherwise, it repels them for good. This method works because vinegar is high in acetic acid, which dissolves the spider’s body when it comes into contact.


Mix 1/2 cup of each white vinegar and water into a bowl. Transfer the solution into a spray bottle. Now, spritz it directly on the spiders.

2. Diatomaceous Earth

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Diatomaceous earth is one of the most effective home remedies to kill spiders. This method dries the hard exoskeleton of spiders when they touch or ingest the diatomaceous earth, causing death. The only demerit of this method is that it’s harmful to kids, pets, and the environment as well.


First, take a sufficient amount of diatomaceous earth. Then, spread a thin layer of it around cracks, basements, corners, windows, and where spiders tend to accumulate. Even you can scatter diatomaceous earth around the perimeter of your house to prevent their entrance.

3. Try Essential Oil & Borax

Essential oil and borax for spiders

The combination of essential oil and Borax is an effective spider killer and repellent. Try this remedy to get a spider-free home with a nicely scented aroma. When sprayed directly on the spiders, it’ll eliminate them; otherwise, spritz it around the basements, corners, and walls to repel them.


Pour 1/2 cup of water, one tablespoon of Borax, with 10-15 drops of peppermint essential oil into a bowl, and combine them well. Now, transfer the solution into an empty spray bottle. Then, spritz it either directly on the spiders or around the corners, basements, garage, and attics.

4. Boric Acid

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Boric acid is also an effective home remedy to get rid of the spiders. Not only it damages the body of spiders, but it also kills them when they ingest it while grooming their body. It’s a better alternative in comparison to other chemicals-filled products that are harmful to humans and pets.


Spread enough amount of boric acid behind and under the kitchen appliances. You can also put it in the cracks or fissures along with doors, windows, and cabinets.

Spider Prevention Tips

Besides eliminating spiders from the house, it’s necessary to restrict their future infestation as well, that’s why follow the below prevention tips.

  • Seal any types of cracks and holes in your house.
  • Run vacuum daily.
  • Make sure you have a clutter-free home.
  • Remember to clean the dustbins regularly.
  • Dust your house regularly.
  • Replace or repair your damaged window screens.
  • Clear all the debris from your yard.
  • Remove the spider webs from the rafters, window frames, and corners of your house.

After reading the above article, you’ll get to know about different hacks to kill spiders from your home. Besides, try these useful tricks to keep spiders out of the pool.

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