6 Tricks On How To Keep Spiders Out Of The Pool

A spider shouldn’t stop you from taking a dip in the pool. If it does, then follow this quick how to keep spiders out of the pool hack!

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Swimming pools have always been a ‘hot spot’ for people to spend time with their friends and family on a hot summer day! But quite often, you may be unknown from the deadly spider that might have been living in your pool. You may encounter them walking on the surface of the water with their hairy legs. Or they can hide at the sides and wait for the prey before coming in the notice. The only species of spider that can swim- diving bell spider, or commonly known as the ‘water spider.’ Trying to catch and kill them with bare hands can be dangerous; therefore, it is advisable not to do so. To ensure safety, you can do a quick net sweep before getting into the pool. If you’re finding it difficult to get rid of them, check out the following solutions on how to keep spiders out of the pool.

How To Keep Spiders Out Of The Pool

Talking about how to keep spiders out of the pool, is followed by two primary conditions:

  • Spiders are already in the pool
  • Spiders aren’t present, but you want to take necessary steps

Be it any situation/condition; these quick solutions will solve the problem effectively. The plus point about all these solutions is that they are economical and pose immediate results.

1. Cleaning the pool

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Insects and spiders are likely to make your pool their home when it’s dirty and long since cleaned. Make sure to clean the pool before using it for the first time after the winter season; this is to ensure that all the dirt that gets accumulated during the season is adequately cleaned. During the summer season, clean the pool every two weeks to ensure cleanliness. Spiders are most unlikely to enter in a hygienic pool and quite the contrary if it’s dirty!

2. Using Insecticides

The use of insecticides not only keeps the spiders away but also keeps your pool free from bugs and insects. Spray the insecticide in the pool and outside the pool area before one day of using it. Wear gloves, eyeglasses, and other safety equipment; otherwise, the chemicals in the insecticide might irritate your skin.

3. Keeping plants away from the pool

The natural habitat of spiders is trees and plants, and that’s where they look for prey. Any vegetation close to your pool will let them enter into the pool quickly. So, it is recommended not to keep or plant any trees near your pool. Do not plan a lawn near the pool area, which will ultimately rid the pool from spiders. And make sure that there’s no vegetation growing inside your pool in the corners. You can do this by keeping it clean and in check!

4. Sprinkle Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is a natural and eco-friendly pesticide that kills insects. Sprinkle them near the pool area and not in the pool, as it will not work in a wet environment. Or you can remove the water and dry your pool before sprinkling it in the entire area. Let it stay for a day and then clean the area properly and enjoy your time in the pool.

5. Essential oils

Essential oils can effectively keep the spiders at bay without much efforts and time; all you need to do is to pour a few drops of the oil into the water. Spiders, particularly, hate the citrusy smell and smell of peppermint, eucalyptus, tea tree, and cinnamon. You can also choose to dilute the essential oil with a carrier oil before pouring it in the pool water.

6. Using a cleaning net

How To Keep Spiders Out Of The Pool2

Use a net with fine holes to clean the water of any water spiders that might be floating on the surface. You can use this technique in two days or daily before jumping into the pool.

You can quickly get spiders, bugs, or any insects away from your pool by using any of these steps. Therefore, use these hacks and enjoy your time with family, friends, and pets on a hot summer day!

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