Does Lemon Remove Fluoride From Water

Have you ever wondered, does lemon remove fluoride from water? Read this article as to why defluoridation is essential and how you can do it.

What Is Fluoride?

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Fluoride is generally present in the soil, water, rocks, and foods. It’s a significant ingredient in toothpaste, oral rinse, and other products. Local officials often add fluoride in the town water supply to inhibit tooth decay. According to the U.S. Public Health Services – the recommended fluoride concentration in community water systems is 0.7 mg/L (parts per million [ppm]). However, high doses of fluoride induce some severe side effects on human health. That’s why it’s necessary to use equipment or techniques to eliminate fluoride from drinking water.

Does Lemon Remove Fluoride From Water?

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Lemon is not capable of eliminating fluoride from water. It contains citric acid that has no notable effect against fluoride. However, regular consumption of freshly squeezed lemon infused water can give you various health benefits.

Other Ways to Remove Fluoride From Water

As you now know, lemon is an absolute failure, and defluoridation of water is necessary. That’s why try the below well-known methods to get fluoride-free drinking water.

1. Activated Alumina

Activated Alumnia

Activated alumina or aluminum oxide is a natural element found in sapphire & rubies. According to a study – Activated alumina is an excellent product to filter fluoride from water resources. However, make sure to change the cartridges to ensure its efficacy.

2. Reverse Osmosis (RO) Filters

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a popular and efficient means to get rid of fluoride from water. This method is eco friendly and doesn’t make a big hole in your pocket as well. Furthermore, RO filters require less maintenance, unlike the other methods.

3. Bone Char

Does Lemon Remove Fluoride From Water3

Bone char is also famous by the names of bone black or ivory black. Primarily made from cattle and pig bones, it excludes fluoride from water because of its high porous substance. Bone char is a cost-effective way to filter contaminants, including fluoride from drinking water resources.

4. Water Filter Pitcher

The water filter pitcher is handy and budget-friendly equipment. Unlike the above water filtration methods, it doesn’t require installation and regular maintenance. Simply fill the water filter pitcher with a sufficient amount of water, and put it into the refrigerator, or drink it right away.

5. Gravity Water Filter

Gravity Water Filter

A gravity water filter is an equipment that filters various contaminants via gravity. According to well-reputed research, gravity water filters not only reduces bacterial contamination but also removes fluoride and arsenic as well.

Consuming a high amount of fluoride leads to several health problems. But, unfortunately, lemon is not capable enough to eliminate this contaminant from water resources. Instead, you can try the above filtration methods that do the job efficiently. Besides, check out this article to make chemical-free water slime!

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