7 Exquisite Flowers That Look Like Coral

These unique Flowers That Look Like Coral are perfect additions to a marine-inspired garden and floral arrangements!

The plant kingdom is full of deceptive specimens, and these flowers that look like coral are the perfect examples. They are great for adding coastal vibes to any landscape.

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Flowers That Look Like Coral

1. Coral Honeysuckle

Flowers That Look Like Coral 1
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Botanical Name – Lonicera sempervirens

Coral honeysuckle features clusters of spiky flowers that mimic the shape of sea coral. Its bright trumpet-shaped blossoms attract hummingbirds, butterflies, and songbirds.

2. Coral Tree

Flowers That Look Like Coral 2
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Botanical Name – Erythrina spp.

Erythrina’s tubular structured blooms resemble the intricate and complex shape of coral branches. Each flower extends outwards in a series of smaller segments, similar to how coral branches divide and spread.

3. Bee Balm

Flowers That Look Like Coral 3
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Botanical Name – Monarda didyma

Bee balm’s spiky blooms that extend outwards from the flower head look quite identical to the coral branches. Provide this plant with moist, well-drained soil and full sunlight for beautiful blooms.

4. Nodding Pincushion

Flowers That Look Like Coral 4

Botanical Name – Leucospermum cordifolium

The flowers of nodding pincushion have a similar appearance to some coral species due to the outward protruding long, slender styles. Their vibrant orange-to-red hues also add to its coral-like appearance.

5. Cockscomb


Botanical Name – Celosia argentea var cristata

Cockscomb’s unusual, wrinkled flower head resembles brain coral and the human brain, too. This makes Cockscomb a focal point worthy of addition to the indoor and outdoor gardens.

6. Spider Flower

Spider Flower

Botanical Name – Grevillea spp.

If you’ve ever seen coral branches, then you’ll definitely notice a resemblance in Grevillea. Their elegant, slender, elongated flower clusters bear a striking similarity to the branching structure of coral.

7. Globe Thistle

Globe Thistle

Botanical Name – Echinops ritro

Globe thistle’s spherical, spiny flower heads look similar to certain types of round coral. The blue hue and prickly texture further add to their coral-like appearance.

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