7 Flowers That Look Like Forget Me Nots

Check out this list of beautiful Flowers That Look Like Forget Me Nots and add variety to your boring landscape!

If you’re drawn by the timeless charm of Forget Me Nots but struggle to grow them, these doppelgangers are the best option. This article has a variety of flowers that look like forget me nots in size, color, or overall appearance.

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Flowers That Look Like Forget Me Nots

1. Blue Verbena

Flowers That Look Like Forget Me Nots 1

Botanical Name – Verbena hastata

The purplish-blue, starry flowers of verbena look quite similar to those of forget-me-nots. They even have 4-5 petaled structures that further add to the resemblance. However, verbena blooms in summer, and forget-me-not appears in spring.

2. Blue Eyed Mary

Flowers That Look Like Forget Me Nots 2

Botanical Name – Omphalodes verna

At first glance, Omphalodes verna could be mistaken for forget-me-not because of its white-eyed blue blossoms. However, its flowers have a bright blue color palette compared to the forget-me-not.

3. Bugloss

Flowers That Look Like Forget Me Nots 3

Botanical Name – Anchusa capensis

A member of the Boraginaceae (borage) family, the bugloss resembles forget-me-not with its starry blue flowers. Unlike the forget-me-not, its blossoms have five feathery white scales in the center.

4. False Forget-me-not

Flowers That Look Like Forget Me Nots 4

Botanical Name – Brunnera macrophylla

The blooms of Brunnera macrophylla look identical to forget-me-nots, hence the name. These showy, sky-blue flowers with white centers appear in spring and last for 3-4 weeks in optimal growing conditions.

5. Spring Beauty

Spring Beauty flowers

Botanical Name – Claytonia virginica

Although the color of spring beauty flowers is not blue, their five-petal structure and star-like appearance might remind you of forget-me-nots. These beautiful blooms open only on sunny days and close at night.

6. Bunchberry

Bunch Berry flowers in garden

Botanical Name – Cornus Canadensis

Next on the list of flowers that look like forget-me-not is bunchberry. It produces an array of star-like white blossoms with tiny greenish-yellow umbels, making it a delightful option for many gardeners.

7. Alkanet


Botanical Name – Anchusa azurea

Much like forget-me-not, this perennial possesses clusters of small, blue flowers and lance-shaped leaves on tall stems. This plant blooms best in full sun, afternoon shade, and well-drained soil.

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