8 Flowers That Look Like Fried Eggs

Make your outdoor space outstanding in the neighborhood by growing these Flowers That Look Like Fried Eggs!

Are you bored with the regular roses, pansies, peonies, and marigolds? It’s time to try something different, like flowers that look like fried eggs. Yes, they are real! Let’s discover more about these fascinating blooms below.

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Flowers That Look Like Fried Eggs

1. Matilija PoppyFlowers that Look Like Fried Eggs 1

Botanical Name – Romneya coulteri

Matilija poppy flowers resemble fried eggs because of their wrinkled white petals and golden-yellow stamens in the center. Each bloom is around 20 cm in diameter and has 5-6 papery petals.

2. Trumpet Daffodil

Flowers that Look Like Fried Eggs 2

Botanical Name – Narcissus ‘Topolino’

Next in line among flowers that look like fried eggs are trumpet daffodils due to their creamy-white petals and contrasting yellow trumpets. They are a great choice for cut flower arrangements and container gardening.

3. Franklin Tree

Flowers That Look Like Fried Eggs 3

Botanical Name – Franklinia alatamaha

Native to Georgia, the Franklin tree produces sweetly fragrant white flowers with a boss of egg yolk yellow stamens. These blooms need moist, well-drained, acidic soil to grow 3 inches in diameter.

4. Fried Egg Tree

Flowers That Look Like Fried Eggs 4

Botanical Name – Oncoba spinosa

This deciduous tree features white-petaled blooms with a yellow center similar to fried eggs, hence the name and resemblance. Its flowers are short-lived but popular for their ornamental value.

5. Winged EverlastingFlowers with a Fried Egg Look 2

Botanical Name – Ammobium alatum

With its white and yellow-hued blooms, the winged everlasting resembles egg white and the yolk from a distance. Its beautiful blossoms are used for fresh floral arrangements and dried flower production.

6. Purity CosmosPurity Cosmos

Botanical Name – Cosmos bipinnatus ‘Purity’

‘Purity Cosmos’ might remind you of fried eggs, especially the sunny-side-up ones, due to their flowers’ structure and striking appearance. Its blooms beautify landscapes from early summer to fall.

7. White Prickly Poppy

White Prickly Poppy

Botanical Name – Argemone albiflora

This poppy variety will remind you of fried eggs. Why? Just look at the flowers; their petals resemble egg whites, while the center has yellow stamens that look identical to yolk.

8. Mount Cook Buttercup

Mount Cook Buttercup

Botanical Name – Ranunculus lyallii

The fried egg-like flowers of Mount Cook Buttercup are 2-3 inches in diameter with 10-15 overlapping petals and a bright yellow boss. All parts of this plant, including blooms, are poisonous to dogs, cats, and horses.

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