8 Flowers That Look Like Queen Anne’s Lace

These beautiful Flowers That Look Like Queen Anne’s Lace will make you go wow with their striking resemblance!

If you’re drawn to the elegant lacy blossoms of Queen Anne’s Lace, you might be interested in these doppelgangers with similar aesthetics. They are perfect for adding beauty and diversity to any landscape.

Flowers That Look Like Queen Anne’s Lace

1. YarrowFlowers That Look Like Queen Anne's Lace 1

Botanical Name – Achillea millefolium

Yarrow is an herbaceous perennial with flat-topped clusters of tiny white flowers that resemble those of Queen Anne’s Lace. These long-lasting blooms attract butterflies and bees, thus a great addition to the pollinator garden.

Note – According to the ASPCA, yarrow is toxic to dogs, cats, and horses due to its achilleine and alkaloid contents.

2. Bishop’s WeedFlowers That Look Like Queen Anne's Lace 2

Botanical Name – Ammi majus

Like Queen Anne’s Lace, the bishop’s weed displays umbel inflorescences of tiny white blooms. This carrot family member requires moist, well-drained soil and full sunlight to grow outdoors.

3. Wild ChervilFlowers That Look Like Queen Anne's Lace 3

Botanical Name – Anthriscus cerefolium

Wild chervil is another flowering plant that resembles Queen Anne’s Lace because of its small white blossoms and feathery, fern-like green leaves. Its flowers have 4-5 petals and 1-2 inches across in optimal growing conditions.

4. Water HemlockFlowers That Look Like Queen Anne's Lace 4

Botanical Name – Cicuta Maculata

Water hemlock is a perennial herb in the carrot family. At first glance, its umbrella-like clusters of tiny white blossoms can be mistaken for Queen Anne’s Lace. However, one can easily point out the difference by looking at the leaves.

5. Poison HemlockFlowers That Look Like Queen Anne's Lace 5

Botanical Name – Conium maculatum

Poison hemlock is a hairless biennial with Queen Anne’s Lace-like compound umbels of white blossoms. It blooms from May to August in moist abandoned fields, ditches, and roadsides.

6. Giant HogweedGiant Hogweed

Botanical Name – Heracleum mantegazzianum

Giant hogweed is an Asian plant that can grow up to 20 feet tall with umbrella-shaped clusters of white frothy flowers. Its blooms are a popular addition to dried flower arrangements and other floral decorations.

7. Baltic ParsleyBaltic Parsley

Botanical Name – Cenolophium Denudatum

With its dense clusters of creamy-white flowers, baltic parsley is a spitting image of the Queen Anne’s Lace. Its semi-evergreen, dark green ferny leaves also add to this resemblance.

8. Cow ParsnipCow Parsnip

Botanical Name – Heracleum Maximum

The cow parsnip flowers can leave you scratching your head due to their sheer resemblance to Queen Anne’s Lace. These blooms can draw a range of pollinators, making them popular among pollinator gardening enthusiasts.

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