6 Flowers that Look Like Sea Urchins

Boost the visual interest of your monotonous landscape by growing one of these Flowers that Look Like Sea Urchins!

With their unusual shape and texture, these flowers that look like sea urchins are the perfect conversation starters for any garden. They are not only visually striking but also adaptable to various garden settings.

Flowers That Look Like Sea Urchins

1. Bitter Snakeroot

Flowers That Look Like Sea Urchins 1

Botanical Name – Eryngium Aquaticum

Like sea urchins, the bitter snakeroot plant has round and spiny flower heads. Its blooms are quite popular among native bees and other pollinators for nectar.

Note – The roots of eryngium Aquaticum were used by the Native American tribes to treat snakebite.

2. Ornamental Onions

Flowers that Look Like Sea Urchins 2

Botanical Name – Allium spp.

The flower heads of ornamental onions come in shades of white, pink, violet, purple, red, and yellow. Each spherical head has numerous tiny flowers that extend outwards, creating a spiky appearance similar to a sea urchin.

3. Pincushion Flower ‘Chile Black’

Flowers that Look Like Sea Urchins 3

Botanical Name – Scabiosa atropurpurea ‘Chile Black’

‘Chile black’ might remind you of pincushion sea urchins due to their spiky, pincushion-like flowerheads. It offers plenty of dark, claret red, fragrant flowers from midsummer to autumn.

4. Globe Thistle

Globe Thistle

Botanical Name – Echinops ritro

Globe thistle produces needle-like tiny blooms on dense flowerheads that look similar to a sea urchin’s spiny exterior and round body. Their steel-blue color makes them a great addition to floral arrangements.

5. Cardoon


Botanical Name – Cynara cardunculus

Native to the Mediterranean region, cardoon boasts spiky, thistle-like purple flowers on tall stalks. These blossoms not only provide ornamental interest but are also edible, like the artichoke.

6. Beebalm

Beebalm in garden

Botanical Name – Monarda didyma

Beebalm is admired among gardeners for its spiky scarlet red flowers that look like sea urchins and coral branches. Besides attracting pollinators, these blooms can be used in culinary and herbal medicine.

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