11 Flowers That Look Like Trumpets

Flowers That Look Like Trumpets are conversation-worthy specimens that will surely highlight your dull landscape!

Trumpet-shaped flowers not only add visual interest but are also an excellent option for attracting hummingbirds and bees to the garden. These blooms go well with various garden styles.

Flowers that Look Like Trumpets

1. Desert WillowFlowers That Look Like Trumpets 1

Botanical Name – Chilopsis linearis

Desert willow produces trumpet-shaped fragrant flowers in lovely shades of lavender, pink, or white from late spring to fall. Hummingbirds, butterflies, and bumblebees visit this plant for nectar.

Note – Tea made from the flowers of desert willow has lots of antioxidants and cough-relieving properties.

2. Angel’s TrumpetFlowers That Look Like Trumpets 2

Botanical Name – Brugmansia spp.

Angel trumpet is an eye-grabbing focal point with 1 ft. long, trumpet-like pendulous blooms. However, these blooms are highly poisonous due to their atropine, scopolamine, and hyoscyamine content.

3. Cup-and-Saucer VineFlowers That Look Like Trumpets 3

Botanical Name – Cobaea scandens

Make your dull landscape stand out in the neighborhood with the funnel or trumpet-like flowers of Cobaea scandens. They bloom from late summer to early fall and last up to four days.

4. Trumpet Daffodil

Flowers That Look Like Trumpets 4

Botanical Name – Narcissus pseudonarcissus

The beautiful flowers of this daffodil variety feature a bright yellow trumpet (corona) in the center and yellowish petals. Add bone meal or superphosphate in the planting hole for better growth and lush blooms.

5. Easter LilyFlowers That Look Like Trumpets 5

Botanical Name – Lilium longiflorum

Native to the southern islands of Japan, the easter lily displays large white trumpet-shaped blooms between July and August. This lily species was first found by the renowned plant explorer Carl Peter Thunberg in the year 1777.

6. MoonvineFlowers That Look Like Trumpets 6

Botanical Name – Ipomoea alba

Moonvine creates a spectacular floral display of 3-6 inches long, trumpet-like white flowers. These 5-lobed blooms remain open all night and fade away at dawn quickly.

7. Cape HoneysuckleCape Honeysuckle

Botanical Name – Tecoma capensis

With its orange and red trumpet-shaped flowers, cape honeysuckle is a popular ornamental plant among gardening enthusiasts. These 2 inches-long, five-lobed blooms often appear in clusters.

8. Datura


Botanical Name – Datura Stramonium

This nightshade family member boasts trumpet-like white to light purple flowers with an impressive size of 3-6 inches. It’s a frost-sensitive plant that is common near roadsides, old fields, pastures, and other disturbed areas.

9. Yellow BellsYellow Bells

Botanical Name – Tecoma stans

The next on the list of flowers that look like a trumpet is yellow bells. Its flowers are yellow with red vertical lines inside the tube. They bloom from spring and frost but can be found year-round in some tropical areas.

10. CrossvineCrossvine

Botanical Name – Bignonia capreolata

With its orange and yellow trumpet blooms, crossvine can easily become a center of attraction in any garden setting. It needs organically rich, well-drained soil and shade to full sun to produce lush blooms.

11. California FuchsiaCalifornia Fuchsia

Botanical Name – Epilobium canum

California fuchsia displays a profusion of striking red or orange trumpet-shaped flowers of wrinkled petals from June to October. This plant can grow at an elevation of 4000 – 7000 feet.

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