5 Flowers That Look Like Popcorn

These beautiful Flowers That Look Like Popcorn will definitely amaze you with their appearance and quirky resemblance!

Are you looking for something different for your outdoor garden this year? Why not try flowers that look like popcorn? These beautiful blooms are a great way to add a conversation-worthy element to any outdoor setting.

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Flowers That Look Like Popcorn

1. SnapdragonFlowers that Look Like Popcorn 1

Botanical Name – Antirrhinum majus

Snapdragon is a perennial plant whose buds look similar to popcorn as they begin to open in the blooming season. This resemblance is due to the white and yellow hues and intricate petal structure.

Note – Snapdragon flowers are edible and attract butterflies & hummingbirds, too.

2. Baby’s BreathFlowers that Look Like Popcorn 2

Botanical Name – Gypsophila paniculata

Like popcorn, the fragrant flowers of baby’s breath are small and fluffy, hence the resemblance. These 4-5 petaled blooms appear in fields, prairies, barrens, roadsides, and seashores from July to August.

3. Common Cryptantha

Flowers That Look Like Popcorn 3

Botanical Name – Cryptantha intermedia

At first glance, the clusters of white cryptantha flowers might look like popcorn from a distance. These blossoms are known to attract bees, flies, wasps, and other beneficial pollinators to the landscape.

4. Fragrant Popcorn FlowerFragrant Popcorn Flower

Botanical Name – Plagiobothrys figuratus

Flowers of Plagiobothrys figuratus look similar to fully popped popcorns because of their white petals and yellow eyes. It’s a common sight in moist fields, bogs, lowgrounds, wetlands, and non-alkaline wet meadows.

Note – Besides flowers, this species also produces 4 ovate, 1.2-1.7 mm long fruits, commonly known as nutlets.

5. Stalked Popcornflower

Stalked Popcornflower

Botanical Name – Plagiobothrys stipitatus

Native to Oregon and California, the stalked popcornflower produces multiple five-lobed white blooms on every inflorescence. When seen from a distance, these flowers resemble popcorn due to their hue and star-like appearance.

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