14 Rare Flowers With Three Petals

Check out this list of exquisite Flowers with Three Petals and enhance your garden’s allure with nature’s beauty!

If you want statement-worthy botanical specimens in your garden, then these flowers with three petals fit the bill. In this article, we will explore the various types of three-petaled flowers and their unique features.

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Flowers With Three Petals

1. Purple Trillium

Flowers With Three Petals 1
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Botanical Name – Trillium erectum

Native to North America, purple trillium beautifies barren landscapes with its red to maroon, 3-petalled flowers. This perennial wildflower is suitable for wooded or naturalized areas.

2. White Trillium

Flowers With Three Petals 2

Botanical Name – Trillium grandiflorum

White trillium stands out with three-petalled white blossoms and egg-shaped, stalkless foliage. This flowering plant attracts bees, moths, pollinators, and small mammals to the landscape.

3. Common Spiderwort

Flowers With Three Petals 3
shutterstock/Donna Bollenbach

Botanical Name – Tradescantia virginiana

This herbaceous perennial is endemic to the eastern and central USA. It’s admired among plant enthusiasts for the striking 3-petalled flowers and dark to olive green leaves.

4. Pacific Trillium

Flowers With Three Petals 4

Botanical Name – Trillium ovatum

Pacific trillium showcases white blossoms that become pink, purple, and red with age. This dainty wildflower is a common sight in coniferous forests, alder thickets, and shrubby areas.

5. Three-petaled Bedstraw

Flowers With Three Petals 5

Botanical Name – Galium trifidum

Galium trifidum boasts tiny star-shaped flowers and linear to oval leaves. This low-growing plant is perfect as ground cover in gardens and yards.

6. Yellow Trillium

Flowers With Three Petals 6
shutterstock/Michael G McKinne

Botanical Name – Trillium luteum

Yellow trillium is a sight to behold with yellow stemless three-petaled blossoms. This perennial plant blooms in spring and dies down in mid-summer.

7. Sweet Betsy

Flowers With Three Petals 7

Botanical Name – Trillium cuneatum

Featuring 3 maroon petals and 3 green sepals, this wildflower attracts bees, butterflies, and other beneficial pollinators. This woodland perennial is native to the mountains of North Carolina and the Southeastern USA.

8. Striped Wake-robin

Striped Wake-robin

Botanical Name – Trillium undulatum

Striped wake-robin, also known as Painted Lady, is a member of the Melanthiaceae family. It displays beautiful white flowers with red to purple splotches in the center.

9. Nodding Trillium

Nodding Trillium In Garden

Botanical Name – Trillium cernuum

Nodding trillium is a long-lived woodland plant with whitish, 3-petaled blossoms. This plant is a great addition to naturalized areas and woodland settings.

10. European Frog-bit

European Frog-bit in water

Botanical Name – Hydrocharis morsus-ranae

This aquatic herb attracts eyeballs with its beautiful white cuplike flowers and kidney-shaped leaves. It’s invasive in shallow, slow-moving waters.

11. Yellow Flag Iris

Yellow Flag Iris
shutterstock/Judith Andrews

Botanical Name – Iris pseudacorus

Belongs to the Iridaceae family, this iris variety is popular for its showy yellow blossoms and dark green sword-shaped leaves. This plant is listed as invasive by the North Carolina Invasive Plant Council.

12. Nodding Wakerobin

Nodding Wakerobin

Botanical Name – Trillium flexipes

Trillium flexipes feature elegant, white flowers with three petals that nod gracefully on their stems. This spring bloomer grows mostly in deciduous woodlands, stream valleys, and bottomlands.

13. Snow Trillium

Snow Trillium

Botanical Name – Trillium nivale

This perennial wildflower is a true harbinger of spring that can grow up to 10 cm with showy white blossoms and scale-like leaves. It’s a delightful addition to early spring gardens.

14. Jeweled Wakerobin

Jeweled Wakerobin

Botanical Name – Trillium simile

A resident of the Appalachian mountains of the southeastern U.S.A., jeweled wakerobin is adored for its beautiful white flowers. This plant blooms abundantly in spring in deep to partial shade.

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