7 Foot Shape Meaning and Related Personality Traits

The shape of your foot tells a lot about yourself. Discover the foot shape meaning and what personality do you have in this detailed article

Different Foot Shape Meaning & Related Personality Traits

There are a total of seven types of foot shapes. Each one is different and reveals a lot about an individual. So, if you want to know the personality of a person, then this might be the right way of doing it!

1. The Peasant, Square or European Foot

Foot Shape Meaning1

This type of foot has all the toes of the same length, making a square or rectangular shape. People having this foot shape are quite balanced in life. Before making any decision, these squared-toed folks carefully examine every positive and negative aspect. The never give up attitude is the added advantage of these people. With excellent conflict resolution quality, European-toed people are honest and sorted in life. Once they make a decision, they go through it whole-heartedly.

2. The Flame, Fire or Greek Foot

The Flame, Fire or Greek Foot

Under this category, the second toe is longer than the rest of the toes. The fingers are spread in such they form a triangle shape. These individuals are highly sporty and creative, bringing new ideas on the table. People having greek foot are enthusiastic, highly motivational, and always encourage people around them. They are quite energetic and impulsive as well. However, as they often take a lot of stress, individuals with Greek foot tend to struggle a bit with making decisions.

3. The Roman Foot


Foot Shape Meaning2

Also known as the ‘Common foot,’ the first three toe fingers of this foot shape are longer than the other two. People with such types are social animals, and they love to meet new people, along with discovering new cultures. They are arrogant and have a well-balanced life along with proportioned body shape. Furthermore, this is one of the most prevalent foot types.

4. Egyptian Foot

Egyptian Foot

Individuals with such foot shape have longer thumbs, along with the rest of the fingers tapered at the 45-degree angle. This type of foot is taller and narrower with a tight shape. People with the Egyptian feet enjoy their private life and have a lot of hidden aspects in it. They are quite impulsive and daydream most of the time! These people tend to create their world, and emotions often overrule their thoughts. Egyptian foot people love pampering and are quite moody.

5. Extra Small Foot

Extra Small Foot

This foot type is almost similar to the Egyptian foot. However, there is one significant difference; tiny pinky toes. People having this foot type are open-minded, but they also have some hidden secrets that they do not want to talk about, even to their family and close friends.

6. Wide-Set Foot

Foot Shape Meaning3

Also known as travelers’ foot, the toes of this foot type have a large gap between them, or they are too stretched. People falling in this category loves to travel to new places. They are always looking for new adventures and are happy-go-lucky kind of people.

7. Stretched Foot

Stretched Foot

In stretched foot type, the big toe is far away from the rest of the toes, having a considerable amount of gap between them. People having this kind of foot shape are fierce, socially confident, and they do not believe in any type of boundaries. They are also attracted to fights and arguments without any reason.

But this is not all. You can quickly identify their various traits by just having a look at the feet.

  • If you see dark skin under the toes, then the person is possibly suffering from depression.
  • Small toes reveal childlike and playful nature.
  • A callus on the little toe reveals burden and responsibilities.
  • If you see anyone with wide feet, then the person is hard-working.
  • A high arch at the bottom of the feet tells the stubborn nature of a person.
  • People having small feet likes to do a hectic job.
  • A large big toe symbolizes rationality.

We hope after reading the above article, you’ll know everything about various foot shape meaning and people’s personality traits. Besides, try the sweet orange essential oil to heal your cracked heels!

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