28 Genius DIY Hat Rack Ideas | How to Build a Hat Rack

Find out some cute and stylish DIY Hat Rack Ideas that’ll not just hold your accessory but make for a trendy interior decor!

Check out these genius DIY Hat Rack Ideas to manage your favorite caps in style. They are easy to make and affordable too.

Here are some under-sink storage ideas

DIY Hat Rack Ideas

1. Wall Mounted Hat Rack DIY

DIY Hat Rack Ideas 1

This zig zag hat rack is an artistic way to display your caps collection. It’s made from inexpensive wood and pegs.

2. DIY Hanging Copper Cap Rack

DIY Hat Rack Ideas 2

Grab copper pipe, scissors, pegs, and rope to make this amazing hat rack. Hop to this tutorial to learn more.

3. DIY Wood and Leather Hat Rack

DIY Hat Rack Ideas 3

Here’s an easy and quick tutorial to build a standing hat rack using wooden dowels and leather cords. It’s one of the genius DIY hat rack ideas.

4. Deer Antler Hat Rack

Watch this video tutorial to create a unique hat rack using a faux deer antler, screws, and a thick tree branch.

5. Sleek and Simple Cap Rack

DIY Hat Rack Ideas 4

Follow this article to build a simple, sleek hat rack in an hour. It also doubles up as a coat rack.

6. Peg Hat Rack DIY

DIY Hat Rack Ideas 5

All you need are wood, dowel, cordless drill, glue, hammer, and handsaw to create this peg hat rack. The details are here.

7. Pallet Baseball Cap Rack

DIY Hat Rack Ideas 6

Made from pallets and baseballs, this display-worthy rack is perfect for showcasing hats. Get the instructions from here.

8. DIY Baseball Cap Rack

DIY Hat Rack Ideas 7

Learn how to assemble a special hat rack to corral baseball caps in your home. Take inspiration from this article.

9. Hat Rack Idea

DIY Hat Rack Ideas 8

This minimalist rack can hold several hats at once and doesn’t take up much space. To make one for yourself, read this article.

10. Hat Rack DIY

DIY Hat Rack Ideas 9

If you’re looking for an attractive and functional hat rack idea, this project is perfect for you.

11. DIY Muskie Cap Rack

DIY Hat Rack Ideas 10

With a few tools and supplies, you can easily build this muskie fish-shaped hat rack. Read the details here.

12. Wooden Hat Rack

DIY Hat Rack Ideas 11

Arrange your piles of caps clean and tidy on this DIY wooden hat rack. The instructions are here.

13. Cute Hat Rack DIY

DIY Hat Rack Ideas 12

Quirky and colorful, this cute hat rack is a great addition to any home decor. It’s super simple to create, and no experience is required!

14. Old Shutter Turned Headwear Rack

DIY Hat Rack Ideas 13

If you have an old window shutter, transform it into a fully functional hat rack using this step-by-step tutorial.

15. Stylish Floating Wall Hat Rack

Stylish Floating Wall Rack

Instead of purchasing costly hat racks, make one at home with thumbtacks. Learn more in this instructable.

16. DIY Modern Cap Rack

Watch this YouTube video to build a modern coat rack using basic tools and pre-milled red oak. It’s one of the best DIY hat rack ideas.

17. DIY Dinosaur Hat Rack

Dinosaur Cap Rack

Give your kiddo’s fancy headwear collection a nice designated area to hang by making this dinosaur hat rack. Click here to learn more.

18. Industrial Hat Rack Idea

Industrial Cap Rack

This attention-grabbing hat rack is not only a perfect place for caps but also gives an industrial look to the space. Read more here.

19. Pallet Wood and Walnut Hooks Cap Rack

Take a look at this video tutorial to build a rustic hat rack out of pallet wood and walnut hooks.

20. Accordion Hat Rack

Do you want an old-school headwear rack? If yes, check out this video to build an accordion hat rack.

21. Hat Rack Outlaw Style

Keep your hats, coats, and scarves organized with style on this stylish outlaw-style hat rack. It’s a one-of-a-kind project on this list.

22. Under $10 Hat Rack

If you want to create a hat rack but can’t spend more than $10, this project is a wonderful option for you.

23. Cowboy Hat Rack From Horseshoes & Iron Pipe

This tutorial teaches the easiest way to build a cowboy hat rack from old horseshoes and iron pipes.

24. DIY Cheap Cowboy Hat Rack

A wire coat hanger and duct tape are what you need to create a cheap and quick cowboy hat rack.

25. DIY Simple Horseshow Cap Rack Idea

Take a few screws, old sets of horseshoes, a couple of hoof nails, and paint to make a very nice coat or hat rack.

26. DIY Diamond Hat + Coat Rack

DIY Diamond Hat + Coat Rack

This fantastic diamond-shaped rack is ideal for hanging caps and coats. It’s one of the best DIY hat rack ideas on this list.

27. Wooly Mammoth Hat Rack

Wooly Mammoth Hat Rack

This fuzzy wooly mammoth hat rack hangs sturdily on the wall waiting to catch your hats and scarves with its trunk and tusks.

28. Clothespins Cap Rack DIY

Clothespins Cap Rack

Gather a wooden board and some clothespins to complete this frugal hat rack project.

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