Homemade Lice Spray for Furniture | Easy And Cost-Effective

If you can no more tolerate louse’ on your furniture, give a shot to this homemade lice spray furniture. It helps you to solve the breeding problem from the root!

If you have ever experienced the acute problem of lice, then you know the terrible agony that comes along with it. Lice infestation is a significant problem that most people struggle with, and lack of attention can be a real issue. This infestation can even spread from head to your furniture and ultimately in the entire house. Therefore, you must look for ways to stop them from breeding, consequently making your house clean and infestation free. Today we’ll discuss ways of eliminating the reproduction of lice from the furniture, which will make your home healthy and lice free.

What are head lice?

Head lice or louse is a parasite that breeds on the human scalp and is easily transmitted from one person to the other. They occur very commonly, but their existence doesn’t mean poor hygienic conditions or any disease. A louse survives on human blood and is usually found in school-aged children. Laying eggs along the base of the hair, their favorite spots are behind the ears of the back of the neck. You may not see them flying, hopping, or jumping, but not to mention they crawl at a remarkably fast pace.

Some people also believe lice are hazardous to health; however, it is essential to know they don’t cause any disease. But if you identify even a single member of your family develop infestation, then tackle the problem as soon as you become aware. Lice infestation spreads at an extremely rapid pace. They can even spread on to the bedding and other household furniture. Therefore, it becomes necessary for you to carefully treat your furniture as your scalp, though it may take some effort. It will be worth the struggle.

Getting rid of lice from furniture

Homemade Lice Spray for Furniture1

Lice are tiny creatures, and getting rid of them from your furniture can be quite simple and easy. A good thing about lice is they can’t survive for a long time away from the host. Before using the spray for treating the infestation, take note of the following steps, which will make it easier to manage the breeding of lice.

Some steps to follow

  • The most crucial step is to treat the family members with lice infestation because cleaning the house may not be beneficial without addressing the root cause.
  • Remove the maximum number of elements from the furniture like pillow covers, armrests, blankets, cushions, bedsheets. Lice infest deep into the fabric, so separating these elements will make it easier for you to clean the furniture easily.
  • Place all the washable fabrics in a dryer and subsequently in a washer filled with hot water. Dry and hang them in the sun as this will kill all the lice and their eggs present in the fabric. If the furniture fabric is non-washable, dry, clean them, and hang in the sunlight.
  • Vacuum cleaner carries out a crucial role in removing lice from the furniture, but be very careful after operating it. Once cleaning with the vacuum cleaner, you must discard the filter bag and clean the canister very thoroughly. Even a single louse or egg will ruin your effort, ultimately bringing back the infestation again. Consider cleaning every mattress, sofa, covers, bed, etc. because furniture creases are favorite breeding spots of the clever lice.
  • Place non-washable fabrics in a sealed plastic bag and keep it away for 10-15 days. Dry them thoroughly and utilize again; this will kill all the lice present in the furniture.

After following the steps as mentioned above, spray anti-lice spray, which will kill all the leftover lice present on the furniture. You can easily make this spray at home, and it doesn’t have any side effects as it lacks toxic chemicals.

Homemade Lice Spray for Furniture

Homemade Lice Spray for Furniture2

Take ½ a liter of water and add about four teaspoons of tea tree, rosemary, and lavender or peppermint oil. Essential oils create a mask that keeps the lice away from human fragrance and helps in killing them. Also, tea tree oil works as an organic insecticide and kills the head lice. Combine the ingredients well and spray it on the furniture for a day. Repeat this for 2-3 days to ensure all the lice are dead, and infestation is no longer present.

Getting rid of nuisance lice can be extremely easy; all you require is some effort and awareness. You can opt for a vast number of chemical spray available in the market. However, the toxic elements in it may turn out to be hazardous for your health.

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