How to Remove Vinyl from Chalkboard | Easy Hacks And Tips

It’s fun and attractive to stick vinyl stickers on the chalkboard but they also end up ruining the surface! Therefore, follow this how to remove the vinyl from the chalkboard hack to get rid of it.

Chalkboard Fun

Writing on a chalkboard is something that all of us enjoyed when we’re kids. And if you’re a professor or if you set up shops at a fair, writing on a chalkboard becomes a part of your job. Besides, if your kids are young and in a habit of scribbling the chalkboard, then you must have kept one at your home too. We often end up sticking attractive vinyl stickers on the board to make it more fun for the kids. But in case you now wish to remove it, it isn’t going to be easy, period! Yet it’s not impossible to remove the vinyl from the board, with a little care and the right methods, you can easily remove it without damaging the board. For instance, follow these simple and cost-effective how to remove the vinyl from chalkboard hacks.

What is vinyl?

Vinyl stickers are largely used as a label to sort things in the kitchen or in the store. But these days, you get attractive vinyl stickers for craft purposes as well. They are solely used with the purpose of adding to the beauty of something. Parents use their kid’s favorite cartoon stickers or educational stickers to grab the attention of their kids. Sticking Vinyl stickers to plain black or green chalkboards prove to be a great hack to interest the kids. Chalkboards are a great way to arise curiosity among children and make them write and scribble more. 

How To Remove Vinyl from Chalkboards

Vinyl sticks to the chalkboard and when you try to remove it, it damages the surface. Therefore, it is is important to remove it carefully and with a lot of ease. There are various methods through which you can remove the vinyl from a chalkboard. These methods are very simple and you can easily try them at home. 

1. Soap and water

How to Remove Vinyl from Chalkboard1

The easiest way of removing vinyl from chalkboards is by using a soap and water mix. You can pick any soap of your choice or you can even use dish cleaning soap. The first step is to make a solution of soap and water and transfer it into a spray bottle.

Now, slide a tweezer beneath the vinyl sticker or sheet and remove a little bit from the corner. Start by spraying the soapy water between the chalkboard surface and vinyl. This will weaken up the adhesive, thus, making the removal easy. Leave it for a min and start removing the vinyl step by step. 

Continue the process until the entire vinyl is removed. Make sure that you spray enough soapy water to weaken up the stickiness of vinyl. Do not pull it apart in a hurry as this will damage the chalkboard and leave the surface brittle. Also, doing this will leave the adhesive on the surface of the board. 

You need to remove the vinyl in parts and not the entire thing altogether. This may take a little time but it will be worth the efforts. After every removal, spray the soap solution on the board and wipe with a clean towel or cloth. This ensures the removal of leftover adhesive too. 

2. Removal through the hairdryer

How to Remove Vinyl from Chalkboard2

Another way of removing the vinyl from the chalkboard is by using a hairdryer. A hairdryer melts the adhesive and makes the removal of vinyl easy. All you have to do is to set your hairdryer on the highest heat setting and start blowing it directly on to the vinyl print. Keep it as close to the design as possible and start from one of the edges.

You need to be patient with this method as it is time-consuming. However, once you notice the vinyl melting keep the dryer on a side and with the help of a tweezer, start removing the vinyl from the edges and slowly move towards the middle. If the design is bigger, then do it in batches because the idea is to remove the vinyl without damaging the chalkboard surface. Remove adhesive residue using rubbing alcohol.

3. Using Goo gone

Goo Gone Adhesive Remover

One of the most popular products available in the market to remove adhesive is Goo-gone adhesive remover. This removes adhesive elements from the surface without any damage. Take a bottle of goo-gone and spray it on the vinyl design. Let it sit for 4-5 minutes and you will start noticing the vinyl getting off from the chalkboard surface.

Now slide a tweezer under the vinyl sheet and remove slowly. Bigger designs may need some time so the ideal way of doing it is in batches. The biggest advantage of using goo-gone is that it doesn’t leave any sticky residue on the surface, however, if you see any, remove it using rubbing alcohol. 

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