How to Clean Roof Shingles With Bleach

Roof shingles often become sloppy and suffer damage due to algae and moss. To make them shinier again, know how to clean roof shingles with bleach.

How to Clean Roof Shingles With Bleach1

Roof shingles are roof coverings, that consist of flat or curved tiles, which help in removing water from a pitched roof. There are different types of roof shingles to choose from while making the roof. Over time, they become dirty due to the accumulation of algae, fungus, moss, and other debris. This damages the roof shingles and shortens their life. That’s why it’s necessary to clean them as soon as possible using the bleach, which is a natural disinfectant.

How to Clean Roof Shingles With Bleach?

How to Clean Roof Shingles With Bleach2

Try the below method to maintain the cleanliness of your house’s roof shingles.


  • Household Bleach
  • Garden Sprayer
  • Broom Brush


  1. Take a garden sprayer and fill it with household bleach.
  2. First, choose a spot that gives you easy access to the roof and has a stable stretch of ground.
  3. Then, place a sturdy ladder and climb slowly.
  4. Now, spritz a sufficient amount of bleach, all over the roof shingles evenly, and let it sit for 15-20 minutes.
  5. After that, wash it off with lots of water using a high-pressure washer.


  • Before you begin, it’s advisable to wear high-quality protective gear such as face mask, hand gloves, and goggles, as bleach can cause some adverse effects.
  • Always wear protective clothing, for example, pants, a long-sleeved shirt, and slip-resistant work boots, to avoid any type of skin contact with bleach.
  • Don’t use ammonia in the above solution as it reacts with bleach and emits harmful gasses.
  • Watch your every step, while you are on the roof to avoid any casualty.
  • Do not use the above method on the wooden roof shingles, as it can damage them.

Roof Shingles Maintenance Tips

Below are some maintenance tips that ensure a long life of your roof shingles.

  • Get rid of any kind of debris present on the roof shingles.
  • Repair loose shingles and replace the damaged one.
  • Clean the gutters around the roof shingles often.
  • Cut the tree branches that hang over the roof.
  • Seal holes and cracks with a silicone roof sealant using a caulk gun.
  • Inspect for rust, if you’ve installed metal roof shingles.
  • Replace cracked chimney mortar as it holds the bricks in place. Otherwise, bricks could fall out and damage the roof shingles.

Final Thoughts

We hope the above article is enough to let you understand how to clean roof shingles with bleach. Besides, if you are wondering how to tidy dirty vinyl floors, then this article is for you. If you would like to add any suggestions or want to ask some questions, then hit the comment button below.

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