How to Get Paint Smell Out of Room?

Learn How to Get Paint Smell Out of the Room using some cheap, chemical-free, no-fuss remedies listed below!
How to Get Paint Smell Out of Room 1

A fresh coat of paint not only freshens up the look of your space but also gives unpleasant toxic fumes. The chemicals present in the paint are responsible for that annoying odor. If you want to know How to Get the Paint Smell Out of the Room, stay tuned with this article.

How to Get Paint Smell Out of Room?

Use the below hacks to eliminate the lingering paint smell from your home or office in no time.

1. Ensure Proper VentilationHow to Get Paint Smell Out of Room 2

This might sound a no-brainer to you, but ventilating the room during and after the painting job is the first line of defense against the paint’s toxic fumes. Open all the windows doors, and run exhaust fans simultaneously. These actions ventilate the area and exclude the obnoxious odor in the process.

2. Baking SodaHow to Get Paint Smell Out of Room 3

As baking soda absorbs all kinds of foul smells, use this versatile product to eliminate paint fumes. For this, fill each bowl with a cup of baking soda and set them strategically throughout the desired room for 4-5 hours. Once the odor has dissipated, discard the baking soda.

3. Activated Charcoal

How to Get Paint Smell Out of Room 4

The porous structure of activated charcoal makes it a go-to product against paint smell. Begin this hack by making sachets from cheesecloth and granules of activated charcoal. Secure the sachets with strings and place them all around the freshly painted area overnight.

4. Simmer Herbs and FruitsSimmer Herbs and Fruits

Add a few slices of citrus fruits (orange and lemon) along with fragrant herbs like rosemary in a cooking pot filled halfway with water. Next, place the pot on the stove for simmering. Once the ingredients start to simmer, their scent spreads throughout your house, thereby removing the paint smell.

5. Homemade Room FreshenerHomemade Room Freshener

A homemade room freshener is the quickest way to mask the disturbing paint odor. Combine 1/2 cup of water with 5-10 drops of each lavender, sandalwood, and mint essential oil into an empty spray bottle. Shake it a bit and spritz the solution in the newly painted room.

How to Avoid Heavy Paint Fumes?

Follow the below prevention tips to avoid paint’s toxic fumes in the first place.

  • As VOC (volatile organic compounds) is responsible for the pesky paint smell, always opt for no-VOC paint products like water-based paints.
  • While applying paint, make sure the space is properly ventilated by leaving the windows, doors, and exhaust fans open.
  • If you’re doing the painting job yourself, wear a good-quality face mask, gloves, and goggles.
  • Avoid interior painting when the outside weather has high humidity levels. As humidity slows the drying process, thereby increases fumes dissipation time.
  • Discard the leftover paint or store their containers properly to prevent fumes leakage.

After reading the above hacks, the paint stench will not be a problem anymore. Let us know what methods you’re using to eliminate paint fumes by commenting below.

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