How to Get Rid of Ozone Smell From Indoors

Ozone smell is not just unhealthy to breathe in high amounts but also its pungent smell can be unpleasant to some. Learn how to get rid of the ozone smell in this article!

Whenever you think of ozone, the first thing which enters the mind is the protective ozone layer that envelops the earth. With the chemical composition of oxygen, ozone contains three atoms of oxygen, thus called O3. It is a potent gas used for destroying bacteria, viruses, and removes odors. However, this gas smells pungent and is remarkably similar to that of chlorine. The oxygen that you breathe consists of two atoms of oxygen, but the presence of ozone in the environment isn’t healthy. It worsens the respiratory conditions, and the distinct smell makes it easy to identify its high level in the atmosphere.

Effects of ozone

Effects Of Ozone

Ozone, when mixed with chemicals or in its pure form, is fatal to health. It causes chest pain, worsens asthma, coughing, throat irritation, and can even damage the lungs. The ozone layer isn’t unhealthy; however, human-made chemicals worsen this protective layer and degrade it very slowly. The ultraviolet rays from the sun break down these chemicals and release chlorine, bromine, and other elements that deteriorate the healthy ozone layer. The heat from the earth, when combined with sunlight, increases ozone concentrations in the air, which impacts people around the world. Even air purifiers and generators remain a significant cause of emitting ozone.

What does Ozone smell like?

People over the world have described this smell as pungent. This distinctive smell is identifiable even when it is present in minimal amounts. Based on the scent, you can get to know if the concentration of ozone is intense or low. You may smell it like metal, burning wire, chlorine, or even like an electric spark. People vulnerable to breathing and other health problems are worst affected by this. Repeated exposure can increase the risk of death in humans as well as animals.

How to Get Rid Of Ozone smell?

Since Ozone causes harmful effects on the health, therefore, it becomes necessary to remove it from your house. By following these techniques or ways, you can quickly get rid of this hazardous gas and breathe fresh air.

Activated carbon filter

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Installation of an activated carbon filter in your house can remove this harmful gas from your home very quickly. While choosing this filter, you should always decide on the one which possesses a high capacity of holding activated carbon. The higher the amount of activated carbon, the more it increases the capacity of purifying the air in your home. One thing to keep in mind is looking for a filter with quick abiding capacity. This is because a filter with significant abiding capacity makes the polluted air pass and get filtered easily without taking much time. This efficient filter works for a long time but makes sure that you replace it after reaching its saturation level.

HVAC or Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning filter

An HVAC filter is another method that you can opt for getting rid of the ozone smell in your house. This filter contains particles that remove pollutants from recirculated air. HVAC removes almost 22%-90% of ozone from the air. They are residential as well as commercial and are the most convenient way of getting rid of ozone from your house. However, make sure that you replace the filter from time to time.

HEPA or High-efficiency Particulate Air filter

HEPA air filters consist of some capable fibers of trapping pollutants from the air. This filter works on the process of sieving. It comprises carbon as well as mechanical filters, which are remarkably efficient in removing ozone from the air.

Placing indoor plants

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If you don’t wish to spend much on such air filters, then you can go for this method. Placing indoor plants removes ozone from your house, along with adding greenery and beauty to the place. These plants are efficient air purifiers in cleaning the air in the house. Choose from snake plant, spider plant, or golden pathos, among others. They are cost-effective methods that serve an essential purpose in maintaining the air healthy and clean. And of course, they are low maintenance and the best way of keeping the air fresh in the house.

These air purifiers are proven best for removing ozone from the house; however, select these properly. Some of the air filters emit ozone, failing the purpose of expelling this harmful gas from the environment.

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